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The state police issued a field guide for the new gun laws. But I doubt it’ll mean much:

These guys want nothing to do with the SAFE Act, and they are not going to enforce the SAFE Act, except if they have a bad guy and they are putting him under arrest and there are other charges

We’ll see.

4 Responses to “In NY”

  1. Seerak Says:

    We will see, especially in regards to those particular NY cops with the tendency to end up featured in Radley Balko’s Twitter feed….

  2. Butt Dumpling Says:

    When Emperor Andrew threatens the pensions of the NYS Police officers for non-enforcement of his edict(s) then we’ll begin to see an unending flurry of arrests for NY SAFE violations state-wide. Doors will be kicked in, the law-abiding will become felons and the law enforcement apparatus of NYS will rule the frightened masses with an iron fist. The chilling effect is already happening, and it is truly a sad and scary sight to see.

  3. Mike Says:

    On page 12, in bold type for emphasis:

    “If a person becomes ineligible to hold a pistol permit, the Safe Act requires the person to surrender all firearms to police, including all rifles and shotguns for which no license or registration is required.”

  4. jim Says:

    Yeah, even the minority of good cops will jump on the pro SAFE wagon. Its what they do. Surgeons cut. Painters paint. Cops arrest. Good arrest, bad arrest what’s the difference?