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Shooting done with an illegal gun

Seems the Navy Yard shooter sawed off his shotgun. I’m guessing he didn’t fill out a Form 4, pay a $200 tax and get the CLEO sign off before doing that. So, we should ban those. Oh wait. No. Let’s ban hacksaws.

17 Responses to “Shooting done with an illegal gun”

  1. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    I wonder if they are not using it to defend our military bases why is the government buying all that ammo?

  2. wizardpc Says:

    I’ve seen folks refer to mossberg persuaders as “sawed off” because they didn’t know what they were talking about. I imagine that is what is going on here, too.

  3. Motor-T Says:

    Or if it was sawed off that means it was likely one of the many 870s on the market with a 4 round magazine. Not some high capacity death machine.

  4. McThag Says:


    When you saw it off yourself: it’s a Form 1 you didn’t fill out.

  5. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    See? I told you so.

  6. Pete Says:

    The other thing I noticed was the knocking down of the widely reported “fact” that Alexis was shooting down from the 4th floor at his targets. That always seemed unlikely w/ the death toll and his use of buckshot.

  7. Trocantor Says:

    Alas, the link is protected by a firewall . . . any chance you could copy the relevant paragraph?

  8. Jim Scrummy Says:

    No way. A crazy criminal breaking the law…unpossible. Oh that’s right they’re criminals and that’s what they do, break the law.

  9. Dan Says:

    “James Comey told reporters that Mr. Alexis, after taking a bag into a fourth-floor bathroom, emerged carrying a shotgun that he had bought two days earlier. “The shotgun was cut down at both ends—the stock was sawed off, and the barrel was sawed off a little bit,” said Mr. Comey, who added it was possible the changes were made to the gun in order to fit it in the bag.”

  10. rickn8or Says:

    As long as the barrel is 18 inches breech-to-muzzle and the overall length is iver 26 inches, no paperwork is needed.

    But I’ll wait until I see the actual dimensions of the shotgun in question. I’d think if it busted NFA ’34 we’d have heard something a lot sooner than this.

  11. Orion Says:

    Clearly what’s needed here are larger signs declaring our military bases as GUN FREE ZONES.

    I’m sure as soon as he saw THAT he would’ve turned around and gone home.


  12. KevinM Says:

    @7 here you have it from AFP;_ylt=A2KLOzKmvTtSnH8AiNTQtDMD

  13. Anon Y. Mous Says:

    >>>Mr. Alexis carried ammunition in a cargo pocket on his pants, the director said.

    Obviously, those were high-capacity cargo pockets. We need legislation limiting the capacity of cargo pockets to no more than 5 shells each.

  14. stan Says:

    Joe Biden recommended using a shotgun.
    Cue the media circus over that in 3….2…..1….million years…..

  15. chris Says:

    Colleges even bother teaching journalism anymore?

    Must be part of the Classics Department.

  16. Gran Pa Fibbz Says:

    Any change in barrel length requires a federal form. he could legally change the butt stock with an off the shelf pistol grip but sawing it off is an illegal modification. Self defense weapons generally have an eight shot mag tube. Sawing the barrel off makes the pattern less dense. In other words the shot spread faster.

  17. Geodkyt Says:

    Gan Pa — NO, incorrect. In many respects.

    1. “Any change in barrel length requires a federal form”- NO. You DO NOT need to bother with ANY federal forms, paperwork, or permission to cut a barrel down, so long as the barrel is still at least 18″ and the overall length is still 26″. There are LOTS of guns out there that came from the factory with long barrels, that were shortened to the minimum legal length without any federal involved required.

    2. “Self defense weapons generally have an eight shot mag tube”- NO. MANY self defence weapons have an eight shot tube. . . because they have had a tube extension ADDED. MOST run about 5, becuase that’s how long the standard tube is, which is the tube MOST defensive shotguns come from the factory with.

    3. “Sawing the barrel off makes the pattern less dense”- NO, no it really doesn’t. Been tested. Until you start getting it down to th “flare gun” barrel elength range, shot spread from an unchoked gun is still right around 1″ per yard, no matter if you have a 14″ barrel or a 24″ one. Your choke and ammo selction will drive pattern size to such a great extent that any reasonably sane barrel length (including down to NFA lengths) will have an insignificant effect — literally, any change due to barrel lengh is smaller than the variations you’ll find inside a single lot of ammo.

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