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Very cool

High speed ballistics photography

3 Responses to “Very cool”

  1. comatus Says:

    Outstanding. The famous newsreel stringer Myron “Mike” Gittinger, who composed “Rocket Skates” and all those 30’s “bulletproof” spoofs, later became the technical photographer at Erie Ordnance Depot, next door to Camp Perry. He pioneered taking pictures of bullets coming out of barrels — and his were 155 and 240 mm.

    Film and shutters were nowhere near fast enough. He did it all with powder strobe effects.

  2. SamW Says:

    Uncle, draw NRA Tech editor’s attention to this guy. If they demur, remind them they published Don Zutz once. Good form, too.

  3. DDwayne Says:

    Damn, that guy is good!
    I second that NRA tech. I want to get more!

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