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Going out of business


. . . one of last nights losing lawmakers in Colorado actually argued that losing even one seat was sign enough that Mayors Against Illegal Guns should just wrap it up and go out of business. Alas, she did.

Bloomberg and his cronies outspent NRA about 6 to 1 on this deal too.

7 Responses to “Going out of business”

  1. Mu Says:

    Sounds like the Huffington Post isn’t happy with the results either 🙂

  2. JKB Says:

    Quite significant that the one in the “safe” Democrat (although working class) district lost by a larger margin. She wasn’t even the instigator of the effort to restrict testimony but was the chairperson who enforced it. Nor the one who told his caucus members to ignore emails, letters and calls from constituents. She just refused to discuss the gun bills in public forums.

    Commenters who’ve followed this closely are pointing out, this isn’t just about the gun laws. It is also about the fact they wouldn’t let those opposed even have a chance to be heard. The latter is a big problem for Dems across the country on more than their gun control agenda.

    Not to mention on of the groups that led this and defeated the money of Bloomberg, the organizers of Obama and the charisma of Clinton were formerly apolitical, blue-collar, twenty-somethings.

  3. JKB Says:


    The HuffPo story has this horrifying tidbit about the local newspaper in Pueblo:

    As Giron stood by her support for stricter gun laws, the Chieftain published unflattering photos and coverage of her on its front page for more than a week.

    Unflattering photos and coverage by the media? Of a Democrat! Why, it’s unpresidented.

  4. nk Says:

    She followed the wrong strategy. She should have taken the advice of her compadre and thrown up or urinated on herself. That would have kept away the recall voters.

  5. Hidden Hills Says:

    Hey Unc, maybe our MAIG Mayors in The City and in Oak Ridge will fold and go home. One could only hope.

  6. Bruce S. Says:

    So is Magpul going to return to CO? Don’t forget these idiots ran them out of their state with their inane laws. I think we can count those jobs as “transferred elsewhere”.

  7. Lyle Says:

    “Bloomberg and his cronies outspent NRA about 6 to 1…”

    And we are the bullies.