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Dunno, those kind of scare me

Les and more on shaving and saving with double edged safety razors. Interesting and may be worth considering but that scares me. Not as much as straight razors but enough. I’ve been happy with my Fusion for a while.


47 Responses to “Dunno, those kind of scare me”

  1. Kyle Says:

    After doing the same checking myself and talking to some old timers that has use the safety razor I went with the the dollar shave club. Been using there 4 blade razor for about 9 month love it and get new refill every month or for you not so hair guy every other month you get 4 Cartridges per month $6.00 to you door

  2. Adam Says:

    Dollar shave club for me too. I use the humble twin, get 5 blades a a month for 3 bucks to my door. I have a beard, and while I don’t do the hipster neck beard thing, my trimming requirements most likely differ from yours.

  3. McThag Says:

    Straight edge for face, fusion for skull.

  4. rightisright Says:

    Fusion for me. But I also shave my head…well, the half that has hair. I wouldn’t want to do that with a safety razor.

    Maybe I’ll give the Dollar Shave a try.

  5. j t bolt Says:

    I do the safety razor thing. Feather blades in a Merkur razor. Never cuts me.

    On weekends the past coupla months I have been doing the straight razor thing. I was surprised how easy it was, and teh cuts have been there, but minimal. Not as close a shave as the safety razor, but I need to up my skill with the cutthroat to judge.

  6. Oldradartech Says:

    Switched to a straight three(?) years ago, never looked back.

  7. Adam Lawson Says:

    Straight razor here.

  8. Leatherwing Says:

    Fusion for face, Mach 3 for head. I’ve tried safety razors on a few occasions and always end up with cuts on my neck. Fusion woks well and actually lasts long enough to be cost effective. I have started back using a shaving brush for my face. It feels good and the creams (Real Shaving Company) can be had for no more than from a can.

  9. Matt R. Says:

    I went to a Gilette safety razor from the 60s. It gives a super close shave, cleans up around the beard really well, and costs next to nothing. After three or four years of doing it, I can tell when its time to change blades. I only get cut if I ignore what the steel is telling me…..

  10. Cliff Says:

    All forms of blades cause me ingrown hairs. I’ve been sticking with Norelco, but Remington now has a rotary electric that works pretty well. For what it is worth, The only bad cut I had with a safety razor was when it slipped when loading a blade!

  11. John Farrier Says:

    I use a Mach 3 and change the cartridge every 2 weeks.

    Shaving is something that I want to do quickly and with little effort or attention, so that leaves out straight razors and safety razors for me.

  12. BigRed1 Says:

    Whatever brand is the the cheapest bag of disposables, usually Gillette. Spending anything more is vanity or a hobby.

  13. Jake Says:

    I use a straight razor when I have time, and get the best shaves with it. I use my DE safety razor otherwise, and it shaves me better and more comfortably than any cartridge-type I’ve ever tried. It does work better if you do a wet-shave with real shaving soap instead of the canned goop, but even with the canned stuff it’s better.

    Plus, the last time I bought blades for it, I got 200 for $15. Hard to beat!

  14. aerodawg Says:

    Merkur safety razor with Bic Platinum blades + badger hair brush. Best shave I’ve ever had. I can use a blade once on each side and toss it and still spend much much less than a cartidge.

    I won’t use any of the canned shaving foam/gel either. I use either the boxed shaving cream or real deal shaving soap if I have the time.

  15. Mr_Frog Says:

    Straight razor with replaceable, disposable half-blades. It may be violating the “straight razor” ethos to have one you replace, not sharpen, but it works quite well, and doesn’t take much longer than using a Mach 5, or whatever the current spiff-o-matic razor is these days.

    It doesn’t shave as closely, but for those with bad razorburn / ingrown whisker problems like me, this is a blessing. And once you get used to it, no cuts, and no pulling on the hairs, unless you forget to change the blade.

    Never going back to the spiff-o-matics, electrics, and whatnot.

  16. Sando Says:

    Straight razors almost always, DE for the rest. For me, either is a better shave than a cartridge, plus it turns shaving from drudgery to enjoyable.

  17. nk Says:

    I started shaving as a kid with my father’s brass double-edged safety razor that he got when he was in the army. He knew how to use a straight razor and sharpened it himself with a honing stone and strop. I never went there. I used double-edged safety razors, the more modern helicopter hanger ones, till about 35 and then switched to disposables (Gilette twin-blade mostly) when they became good enough for the face.

  18. Phelps Says:

    Safety razor, Merkur. It’s the best shave I’ve had, and I went through all the others in my Stupid 20s. Frankly, I cut myself more with the whiz bang N-bladed cartridges than I do with the safety razor, and I go just as fast. (I really end up carving myself up badly with disposables.) I have a really coarse beard, and a safety razor is the only thing that really stands up to it.

    With the cartridges, the stupid thing was dull after 2 shaves, and I can’t afford to replace them twice a week. The funny thing is that with safety razors, I can afford to replace them twice a week (or even every day) but I don’t need to. I can go a week or two before it even starts to dull, and since they are so cheap, I don’t hesitate to change it when it does.

    (I feel like we’ve done this before on this blog)

  19. Nick Says:

    Switched to a straight razor a few years ago and haven’t looked back. No razor burn, and if I take care of it, it should out-live me.

  20. John Richardson Says:

    While I haven’t switched to a DE yet I’ve been thinking about it. When I can take my time, I use a brush (not yet badger) with Prorasso from the tube. I get very smooth shaves with that.

    More normal for me is a disposable razor in the shower shaving blind (so to speak). It works but it isn’t the smoothest shave.

  21. Eric F Says:

    Muhle R41 Grande DE Safety Razor.
    Feather blades 40 cents each.
    Or Astra blades are 90% as good for 9 cents each by the hundred-pack.
    Saves hundreds of dollars a year, metal instead of plastic, old school feel, just as fast as cartridges and just as close of a shave.
    Needed a styptic pencil for nicks a few times the first few weeks then good to go.
    Huge improvement.
    Can’t take the blades in carry-on luggage though.

  22. Linoge Says:

    Braun Series whatever. And I still manage to cut myself with it. I’ve learned not to keep a sharp implemented pointed at me.

  23. Zack Says:

    I’m 29 and I’ve shaved with my grandfather’s old Gillette since 2008. I’ve also picked up some gross looking razors from the antique store that cleaned up like new. One of these is a women’s version my wife uses and likes. The 1950s and 1960s had the best razors IMO. I get greats shaves for little cost, and it doesn’t take me any more time than a disposable. I find the disposable gives me ingrown hairs while the DE doesn’t.

    I use Personna (old ASR) because I get good results and they are made in Virginia.

  24. Monte Says:

    I’m with John Farrier. I want my shave to be quick.

    I did try a safety razor recently (a lovely Edwin Jagger De89bl, with Feather blades), but I got a couple of fairly heavy bleeds and have been a bit too skeered to try much again. To be fair, I might have been going a little too quickly for my first DE shave.

    Maybe once I pick up a styptic pencil, I’ll give it another shot.

  25. pdb Says:

    Do it. The learning curve isn’t that steep or long. There are tutorials on Youtube (no kidding) if you’re still nervous.

    What worked for me was to a) shave immediately after showering, and b) use a light touch initially. We’re used to pushing the 50 blade cartridges into our face without risk, but with a DE you just glide it across your face and let the weight of the handle do the work.

    Grab a Gilette handle off of eBay for $15, get a blade sampler and a blade safe and you’ll be set for months.

  26. Zack Says:

    I had to look up what a blade safe was. The Personna blades come in a container with a slot on the back for the old blades. The history of that container is pretty neat; it hold the blades from the inside so the blades don’t dull rubbing on the wax paper during shipment. I know the family of the inventor and have seen the prototype dies used in the factory. That’s some cool stuff that should be in a museum.

  27. SayUncle Says:

    Thanks everyone. Just ordered a Merkur. And a styptic pencil.

  28. Robert Says:

    Because my face has many funny bumps, moles and scars on it a bladed edge is right out. I managed to find an excellent made in Japan electric that does a wonderful job as long as I keep it clean.

  29. Robb Allen Says:

    So… gun blogging = little interaction.

    Talk about throat & wrist slashers and BAM! Comments aplenty.

    Me? I have a chin strap of a beard. The rest just gets an electric treatment when the stubble gets unruly so it’s less stubbly.

    I don’t grow a mustache out of fear of deportation, though.

  30. Huck Says:

    Double safety razor here. My Dad gave me one and 2 packets of razor blades when I went off to Air Force Basic Training in ’73 and that’s all I’ve used at home since. I do use a rechargeable electric razor when I’m traveling but only then.

  31. jed Says:

    Shaving? I don’t even know what half my face looks like. Have you considered using and axe?

  32. JKB Says:

    I started using a mid-quality badger brush. I tried a safety razor but now just use the cheap disposables that don’t seem to get dull quick at all. Every once in a while, I decide I should probably get a new razor out. Not sure why but I guess the brush prepares the face well if you take few moments to work up a good lather. I even went to justing the cheap shaving soap from the drug store/Walmart.

  33. Keith Says:

    I switched to a DE two years ago when the cost of cartridges became unacceptable. I got a Merkur Futura and bought a variety of cheap blades from Amazon. Now it’s DE, shaving soap and boar’s hair brush. Wouldn’t go back.

  34. Keith Says:

    Bad link. Sorry.

  35. Keith Says:

    Geez, I suck at this!

    Merkur Futura

  36. ScottyB Says:

    Here is where I started:

    Get the 6 piece variety set of soaps and the brush even if you stay with disposables. I like the feather blades well enough, but there are some Gillette 7 O’Clocks (get the Super Platinum) that outlast the feather. The first day of cutting with the feather blade goes better, but I always one a new one day 4. The Gillettes will last me 5 or 6 days. YMMV, I like my blades sharp, and at 30 cents a pop, I could have a new one everyday if I wanted to.

    Also, get some pre-shave oil! I just use almond oil with a bit of clove and lilac oil mixed in for scent. I suppose the clove gives it a bit of antiseptic function, but not entirely convinced.

    I figure it costs me $6 a month to shave, assuming I buy expensive blades to go with my soap and oil.

    Cut myself 3 times the first month. Then once more in the next 2 years.

    It takes me anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for the shave depending on how picky I am about it.

    I switched to get rid of razor burn and ingrown hairs from electrics and disposables. It worked.

    I’ve tried the straight razor, it’s too much work for me right now.

  37. Bruce Says:

    Double sided safety razor. Eight years ago I purchased 100 Derby blades and a double edged safety razor. Not sure on the brand, whatever the big name is out there. Base model, no adjustment. I put a new blade in when I find it dragging, call it once every couple of months. On the off month I usually flip the blade over. I use a brush that I think is Badger, might be boar. It’s not labelled. Momma Bear soap (Man scent or some basic name) last about year+. I cut myself a couple of times when I was learning, no worse than a good paper-cut. A block of alum (those crystal deodorant sticks are alum) stops the bleeding asap. Incidentally, if you’re cool with sweating but don’t want to smell bad, the crystal sticks last a little longer than forever and you don’t smell bad. No stupid perfumes or weird chalky crap.

    Shave is better than any safety razor, I never have ingrown hairs or face irritation any more. I’ll never go back.

  38. Mac Says:

    I’ve used a DE for years. The quality of the shave is really in the cream and the brush.

  39. deadcenter Says:

    Whatever multiblade disposable is cheapest at Sam’s Club. I shave daily, in the shower, rarely use shave cream or other goop, just hot water. Beard is on the far side of tough. Blades last 1-2 months each, the package usually contains 12-15, so each package lasts me 1.5 to 2 years.

    Way to deep in the just waking up stage of my day to think about a straight razor; safety razor maybe if I get really, really bored. Thought about getting a badger brush, but after a week of just using hot water and getting good results, I tabled the idea.

    Oh, if I go more than 3 days without shaving, I do use shaving cream or at least soap.

  40. Scott Says:

    Unc, now that you’ve pulled the trigger you’re doomed. There’s a very active DE sub at Reddit, where you’ll learn that no matter which razor you use, which blades you fill it with, or which soap you prep with… you’re doing it wrong and you’re stupid.

    Kind of like the gun enthusiast community.

    (BTW, I’m a huge fan of Taylor’s of Old Bond Street soaps and creams)

  41. Double A.D. Says:

    Mach 3. A cartridge will last me about 2 weeks of shaving every other day. It’s fast and convinient. I can also use it on the boys (not the same cartridge, though).

  42. Frank Says:

    Look at Mantic59’s channel on youtube,he’s got all the info you could need. Another source is Lesiureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving, available on Amazon.
    Shave Den and Badger and Blade are great forums full of helpful guys and gals.
    I’ve been using a Gillette Fatboy for a few years now and I’ll never go back. Yes, I can get nicks, but if I take my time, I very rarely do. Using a safety razor has made shaving pleasurable for me.

  43. Greg Says:

    Use a 1963 Gillette super speed safety razor most every morning. On the occasional weekend I will break out one of the straight razors. I really do not want one of those PLASTIC razors. I want an all metal razor. (Yes, I am mocking the anti-polymer gun people.)

  44. Crunkomatic Says:

    I’m thinking of going the DE safety razor route, but a fusion with a badger brush and real shaving changes everything.

  45. Crunkomatic Says:

    *shaving CREAM. D’oh.

  46. guffaw Says:

    Gillette gives money to anti-gun causes.
    I’ve used Schick for years.


  47. Corey Says:

    Been using an Edwin Jagger DE razor for a couple of weeks. Shaves are much improved but be patient and take the time to get the technique down. There are a ton of different blades, soaps, brushes, etc out there, so if your first setup doesn’t deliver the goods there are almost endless combinations you can switch to.

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