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So, they see a lot of cat pictures

3/4 of internet traffic available to the NSA. Well, all I have to say is ammonium nitrate pressure cooker tea party air plane.

17 Responses to “So, they see a lot of cat pictures”

  1. ltc.dan Says:

    General? Yeah, what he said.

  2. joe in houston Says:

    Insurrection revolution coup assassination militia. That ought to help do it.

  3. tincankilla Says:

    osama jihad durka durka.

  4. Will Says:

    Airport collapse metro bomb.

  5. nk Says:

    Obama is a Stuttering Clusterfuck of A Miserable Failure; Michelle is better named Moochelle the First Klingon. White House GPS coordinates, RC flier, nail gun cartridges, gasoline and egg whites.

  6. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    And last, but not least….. DUCK FART!

  7. Yj Says:


    And now I’ve been audited.

  8. 4strookes Says:

    Oh, sure this is just good, clean fun until we all get our doors kicked-in and our dogs shot…

  9. nk Says:

    Just dust off your Springfield. 😉 Song, safe.

  10. Motor-T Says:

    “ammonium nitrate pressure cooker tea party air plane.”

    Did anybody else read this to the tune of We Didn’t Start The Fire?

  11. Jay Dee Says:

    And three posts earlier you were saying don’t say stupid shit on the Internet? In truth, do you really want to call attention to yourself like this?

  12. ComeGetMe Says:

    Jay Dee,
    Prudence dictates that there be a limit to caution. If a random jumble of subversive-sounding words will lead to a home invasion, then the prudent thing to do is not to stay silent, it is to expatriate.
    There comes a point, where you have to welcome the fight.

  13. mikee Says:

    I have a friend who is a retired intelligence analyst. Whenever I speak with him on the phone, he always makes it a point to inject into the conversation something along the lines of “Iranians and their nuclear weapon program” or “Biological weapons made in a local restaurant kitchen” or “Lowe’s has the necessary ingredients for chemical weapons manufacture.”

    I used to wonder why he did that.

  14. Jay Dee Says:

    I do have to confess I was considering appending a paragraph of random characters to look like MIME data. A friend who works at one of those federal agencies that don’t exit turned absolutely pale and told me not to do that.

  15. Hammerbach Says:

    In the same vein…

  16. JKB Says:

    I’s caan has liberty

    Of this nature is the constitutional clause that men shall have the freedom of speech, liberty of the press, shot-guns ad libitum, rights to assemble and consult, to emigrate, to sue at law, claim Habeas corpus, have jury trial, and no imprisonment for debt; and bail, and warrants for arrest, and indictments, and freedom from attainder, cruel punishments, and ex post facto laws.

    That ought to trip the sensors.

  17. Bubblehead Les Says:

    So the Federales can only monitor 75% of the InterWebs?


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