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A look at self defense


2 Responses to “A look at self defense”

  1. True Blue Sam aka David Johnson Says:

    Good article. My opinion of Neighborhood Watch programs changed after I was a watch captain for several years. The dispatchers that I called to didn’t really want to hear from me. Reports called in messed up the normal day to day activities of deputies and state cops, and you quickly become a nuisance. If you call in real crimes, you are making them look bad, and because you know something about crimes in your neighborhood, you become a suspect. Neighborhood Watch captains should expect to be treated with suspicion, maybe even followed by cops for miles and miles (They have your cell phone number!). You might even have a surveillance van hang around your home. Nowadays I see nothing.

  2. Crunkomatic Says:

    Mainly because police who actually want to do their duty are about 5% of the total now, it seems. The rest want to get paid for driving around, eating pizza, and shooting dogs.