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Those young ‘uns

A look at the ages of the founding fathers. Today, people Alexander Hamilton’s age then can’t even write a coherent sentence.

2 Responses to “Those young ‘uns”

  1. snoopycomputer Says:

    Apparently you can have Whittemore’s musket from his cold, dead… naw, wait…. he’s getting better.

  2. jeffersonian Says:

    +1 snoopy. yep. We coddle our young. A boy is ready to be a man at 13 yrs old. Thomas Jefferson was practicing law at 16. Granted he was a freakin genius, but still. We have ruined our children and forsaken freedom. There is no reason that I can discern that we consider 21+ year olds children. I still hate at 50 yr old that I was held in high school until the age of 18. It ruined me. We are screwed.

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