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US Forest Service to ban exploding targets

Because of wildfires.

3 Responses to “US Forest Service to ban exploding targets”

  1. Hartley Says:

    This is just one part of a very real trend – the one Forest in AZ that has a radically anti-gun chief forester has already started claiming ridiculous percentages of “gunfire caused” wildfires – if they find evidence of shooting anywhere near where the fire started, they simply declare shooting the cause, knowing that in a couple years when they’re citing statistics, no one will be able to prove it wasn’t. I predict this will lead to widespread shooting bans in National Forests in a few years.
    Not that it isn’t possible – I shoot at my cabin in the woods, and actually managed to start a fire this summer – by shooting GI AP in my Garand at a steel target. It never got beyond the “smolder” stage because I jumped on it right away, but it might have been a problem if I hadn’t been watching. 10K+ rounds of other stuff over the years has never been a problem, including some tracers (tho tracers are a known problem – I won’t shoot them unless the woods are wet)

  2. Samuel Suggs Says:

    Because “Fuck you we can do what we want this is our country not yours”

  3. CMonster Says:

    It was already unlawful to have incendiary devices, or use tracer ammunition, on FS lands.

    Also, there WERE fires started with these in Colorado in recent years, including some that got a little hairy.