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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

In the rest of MD, a gun-buying frenzy. But Baltimore is having a gun violence problem. Gee, imagine that. How’s the rest of the state’s violence problems?

4 Responses to “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before”

  1. falnfenix Says:

    the majority of the state’s violence problems live in Baltimore and the areas immediately outside city limits. this isn’t to say violent crime doesn’t happen elsewhere in the state – it certainly does – but it’s significantly lower than within the city itself.

  2. Mu Says:

    So, the guy is saying that Maryland’s background check system is broken and you can get guns with a 7 day waiting period even if you’re a prohibited person?

  3. FightinBluHen51 Says:

    MD law had MD State Police as the NICS point of contact. Both Federal AND state law “do not prohibit the release of the arm after three days (fed) or a longer state waiting period, even in absence of a background check.”

    Several state legislators have been pressing the Owe’Malley (2016 presidential candidate btw) to make the dealers themselves the NICS POC. It was learned this week that it is “under consideration.”

    MD State Police brass is politically appointed, failing at their job (which there are no consequences for them in the code) and won’t so what is right because of…Politics! Everything to the left is about politics.

  4. Hank Says:

    Basically, in order to keep the MSP from just not bothering to do the required background check, the law was written so that they have 7 days (I think not counting weekends and holidays) to complete the check. Technically, if the MSP take longer the dealer can release the gun (probably after a federal check). In the past, MSP has stomped hard on any FFL who actually has the cojones to release the gun to the buyer. I suspect that dealers are now figuring that the gloves are off and some are playing by the actual law, which states that if the MSP can’t get their poop in a scoop and figure out if somebody is banned in a week or less, then the person is probably not banned, and can have the gun. This is basically what has the article’s authors’ panties in a wad.

    A right delayed is a right denied.

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