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Registration leads to . . .

What could possibly go wrong with registering your electronics with the NYPD?

2 Responses to “Registration leads to . . .”

  1. Spikessib Says:

    Behind the iron curtain it was once required to register a copy of your typeface with the government so they could track seditious pamphlets easily. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  2. wolfwalker Says:

    Wait, whoa, hold it. I don’t understand. What are you afraid of?

    The flyer says that they will record each device’s “serial number” and owner info: “iPod 4, ID number 1A2B3, registered owner John Doe of 5 Main Street.” Nothing else. A serial number is just that: a number. It doesn’t even contain as much information as a VIN. It’s completely useless for accessing a device. The only thing it’s good for is letting the police identify the device’s correct owner if it’s stolen and then recovered in a bust. Many people have lists of valuable items with their serial numbers filed with their insurance agent, to be given to the police in case of theft. How is this different from that?

    I’m all for keeping the government out of my computer. And my phone. And my bank account, and my house, and my car — in fact, my entire life. You want to see any of the above, says I, show probable cause and get a warrant. No exceptions. But I don’t see the threat in this specific program. Can you explain it, please?

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