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Anti-gunners give people advice that will get them killed

Taking a play from Noted Gun Expert Joe Biden’s playbook, the director of Mayors Against Guns offers some advice on what to do when someone attacks you with a deadly weapon. Under no circumstance should you shoot them.


5 Responses to “Anti-gunners give people advice that will get them killed”

  1. MrSatyre Says:

    An…axe…handle. Is it just me or is this example just about the most ludicrous they could possibly come up with? An axe HANDLE?!? Not an axe, but an axe HANDLE. I’ve been in a lot of hardware stores, and can’t remember the last time I saw someone buying an axe handle, and have been to a lot of garage sales and can’t remember the last time I saw an axe handle in a corner without the axe attached to it. I’m sure every so often someone needs just the handle ’cause theirs broke, but… “I’m gonna beat yo’ ass! Lemme find an axe handle conveniently lying around first!”

  2. Samuel Suggs Says:

    UM, this is a propaganda WIN for us Right?

  3. Hartley Says:

    That guy was so stoopid even ol’ tingles could see it.

    And I’m sorry, somebody comes after me with a club, they’re gonna get ventilated – and I’d give 99% odds on my never even being arrested (unless I happen to be in Californistan when it happens..:-( )

  4. Double A.D. Says:

    Many “outlaw bikers” like to carry axe handles. They are perfectly legal to own and transport, but make an extremely effective weapon. Many will have elaborate carvings in them. Another legal non weapon weapon is the classic ball peen hammer.

  5. Paul Says:

    Rule #1 of Self Defense: Cheat! Never play fair.
    Playing fair means you are dead.