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Statists gonna state

less fattening than that 14 pounds of bacon

Chris Christie says that libertarians are off their rocker because *noun* *verb* 9/11. Or something.

3 Responses to “Statists gonna state”

  1. Jeffersonian Says:

    Christie, although entertaining enough when he’s taking on the teachers union, Is a progressive Republican asshole of the Teddy Roosevelt type who firmly believes in “big, unlimited Goverment”. don’t fool yourselves. He has no interest in protecting your individual rights.

  2. Jack Says:

    Given that he’s a NE Metro-Con who is anti-gun *and* hates libertarianism, you have to wonder what parts of Brand Red he actually likes.

    Not exactly thrilling that pack of leftovers.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Since your freedom and security are as inseparable as the two sides of a coin, it’s impossible to trade one for the other. You either keep them both or you surrender both.

    Maybe two or three Republican politicians out of the whole bunch understand that, which means the Party is our enemy, and like I’ve said many times; we have first to defeat the Republicans before we can get to the task of defeating the Democrats.

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