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Chicks and guns

And why they like dudes with guns.

2 Responses to “Chicks and guns”

  1. comatus Says:

    Oh, I like her.

    She’s a little wrong about the gardening and cooking, though. New USDA rules are late in enforcement, but ask any roadside stand owner (or church potluck organizer) how life is looking to them right now. And they confiscate…raisins.

    Camping, during our lifetimes, has been an essentially statist activity. Unless you’re in an RV (government regulated) staying in KOA’s, it’s hard to get more than two days from home without resorting to public lands and Mister Ranger. On the Coasts, one day.

    In a way, that’s good news. Shooters are not entirely alone. Sooner or later, all those other people may begin to notice.

    For the rest of the essay, and the general thrust and recoil of argument, why, I couldn’t agree more, and am proud to call her my fellow-citizen. “Countrywoman” has certain ring to it.

  2. HSR47 Says:

    A south-eastern PA pro-gun group linked to the same post a few days back on their facebook page. Hilariously, the first comment was from a male member of the local Pink Pistols chapter agreeing with the author.

    I was greatly amused, especially because the person who had originally posted the link hadn’t seen it coming.

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