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Post-racial America

The family rescued by George Zimmerman after a rollover crash in Florida are terrified they will become targets for hate mobs. So, the press obliges them by naming them and posting their pictures on the internet.

3 Responses to “Post-racial America”

  1. milquetoast Says:

    past several TV trucks and film crews waiting to interview him.
    He appeared enraged that media wanted to talk to him.

    Maybe he should become a TV news producer because apparently he recognizes a nonstory better than current news producers.

    Don’t want to talk, that’s fine we’ll run pictures of you, name your town, show your house and we’ll be sure to include a photo that shows your house number.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    So’s who the next Target for these Hate Speech/Racial Bias comments? Zimmerman’s Bank Teller? His Mailman?

    But HEY! I’m SURE Holder and the Department of InJustice is actively pursuing these Death Threats, right?

  3. Ellen Says:

    How else will we achieve Social Justice?