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In Illinois

Cook County bans shotguns for 18-20 year olds. Also, taxpayer funding of the Joyce Foundation initiatives.

4 Responses to “In Illinois”

  1. John A Says:

    Ups age to 20? But Obamacare has defined “children” as people less than 26! *

  2. Michael Says:

    At this point, they’re just being spiteful.

    If anything, this may just give us ammunition to roll back the silly nationwide handgun age limits.

  3. ThomasD Says:

    That’ll cut down on drive by’s immensely

  4. Chas Says:

    “No child should ever have to be afraid to walk peacefully down the sidewalk without being attacked . . . ”

    Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman by breaking his nose and beating his head against concrete. How can one reason with people who willfully reverse reality and sympathize with the perpetrator of the crime? It’s simply not possible.

    “It’s not my shotgun, it belongs to my father.”

    “Who’s your father?”

    “He’s dead. A negro with a long criminal record of violence killed him outside of a restaurant in Chicago, where he had gone with my mother to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary.”

    “So, you’re saying that nobody owns this shotgun?”

    “No, my father owns it. He’s just dead is all, but it’s still his gun. Its his.