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Speaking of stand your ground

It was never an issue in the Zimmerman case. Ever.

But AG Eric “dead Mexicans” Holder wants to target castle doctrine laws because RACIST. Or something.

The anti-gun groups want to target them too. This actually makes me snicker a bit. Before, anti-gun groups were out to ban guns. Now, they can’t get that. So, they’re trying this instead. We’re winning. Or, rather, they’re losing.

Also, I don’t think one can senselessly expand self defense provided one actually knows what self defense is.

5 Responses to “Speaking of stand your ground”

  1. Crawler Says:

    I sent an email last night to the DOJ Zimmerman “witch hunt” email address and asked Eric “I Heart Marc Rich & The New Black Panthers, But I Loath Congressional Gun-Walking Hearings” Holder why weren’t there similar DOJ email addresses available for Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata after their deaths?

  2. Crawler Says:

    For those that want to critique Zimmerman for his shirt and tie choices, his choice of a 9MM handgun, racism traits, or whatever…here’s Holder’s “Tattle Tell: Let’s Create a George Zimmerman Last Coffin Nail” email address:

  3. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    “It was never an issue in the Zimmerman case. Ever.”

    This isn’t actually true. It was specifically mentioned in a juror interview on Anderson Cooper at the Volokh Conspiracy. I doesn’t really apply to the case, but it was one of the patchwork of laws the jurors had to digest in order to make their decision.

  4. Robert17 Says:

    I get the impression that Stand Your Ground is interpreted as another version of assault by the anti-gun crowd. Unfortunately they don’t also ramp up ‘assault’ to something like ‘assault squared’ or sumpin’.

  5. mikee Says:

    It is, I think, important to restate why SYG laws were enacted. Prosecutors were charging people with crimes for self defense actions, because some people did not retreat in the face of violent criminal attacks.

    Removing the legal requirement to retreat and instead allowing the defender to “stand your ground” meant that prosecutorial discretion was removed from a lot of self defense cases that previously had been turned into manslaughter or murder cases by overzealous, anti-self-defense prosecutors.

    I like to understand the laws I’m supposed to obey. SYG made the law easier to understand and less open to prosecutorial abuses.