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In which I quote myself from facebook

Me on the Zimmerman trial: Two idiots tried to out idiot each other. One was successful.

23 Responses to “In which I quote myself from facebook”

  1. Spud Says:

    This is the absolute truth ! That pussy would not have ever gotten out of his vehicle had he not been carrying.
    Look for stand your ground to be repealed because of that idiots actions.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Are you talking about the Lawyers? If not, you should be.

  3. Jim Brack Says:

    IMO, the stand your ground law has nothing to do with this case. If Florida didn’t have the stand your ground law in place, the verdict would have been the same, all other things being equal. When you’re on your back, being beaten, it’s called self defense (there is no where to run or retreat to).

    Getting out of the truck and following may have been a stupid decision, but has no bearing on the case.

  4. Steve Ramsey Says:

    If indeed Zimmerman did follow Martin, not only was he not doing anything wrong, he was not doing anything stupid.

    He was doing what he wished, in a place where he had a right to be, and violating no laws. Just like Martin until he assaulted Zimmerman. He was looking out for his neighbors.

    If Zim had been a woman, handicapped, or elderly, I think people’s thoughts on this might be different. And of course had he been black, or martin any other race but black, this would have gone nowhere. People feel pretty free to call Zim stupid because he wasn’t minding his own business. Well, your business is what you make it. Your position is that Zimmerman is responsible because he could not look away. He chose to step off the porch and not cower to potential crime. He was his brothers keeper that night. He took a beatdown for his community.

    True, both had options and one wound up dead. But the ONLY crime committed that night was by Martin. If Zim wanted to take the risk of a confrontation (which was his mistake in not understanding the real possibility of), by eyeballing suspicious persons, and letting them KNOW somebody IS watching, the fine. Good.

    ‘Zim was armed, so he really considered a confrontation’ you say. Lot’s of people carry. And a very many of them have given zero thought to the possible scenarios in which they might use that weapon. Do YOU? Don’t lie to yourself.

    Zim’s gun never cleared it’s holster until he was on the ground. So much for trigger happy. Yet the law may well have frowned on him drawing on an unarmed assailant right?

    ‘Call the cops’ you say. Ok, then give up your carry permit and lock up your piece, because you are now a hypocrite.

    There is one, and ONLY one aspect of armed self defense this case makes me change my mind on. While I support it’s legality, I have never been an open carry advocate. If Zim had been carrying a pistol, visibly and openly, I doubt Martin would have ever jumped him, and this whole incident would never have taken place.

    Remember, There was only one person that night who thought they were doing the right thing, and in my opinion, were. Zimmerman. Martin knew you just can’t beat someone because they look at you funny. martin KNEW he was about to commit a crime. This case was about race and nothing more. Why? Race equals MONEY.And money equals POWER. Whether it’s proceeds from a lawsuit, as ad money for news networks, gifts to the race hustlers or campaign contributions. It’s not about the death of Trayvon Martin anymore. It about money, and politics, which are the same thing these days. If it were about simple altruism, nobody would be calling George Zimmerman Stupid.

  5. DJMoore Says:

    “The police are the people, and the people are the police, the police being only citizens who are paid to attend full time to the duties incumbent on every citizen.”

    That was George Zimmerman, folks. Volunteering to do the duty incumbent on all of us.

    He wasn’t a “wanna be cop”; he was an aspiring prosecuting attorney. He studied, he practiced, he put in his time and stuck out his neck.

    If every one of us did what Zimmerman was doing, Trayvon Martin would probably be looking forward to his last year of high school, looking at college or a career or the military. He would have known his neighbors and his uncle’s neighbors, and they would have known him.

    Some punk from the projects hassling Trayvon would have attracted attention of everyone who heard it. If Trayvon, a 17 year old kid like most of the men around him remembered being, had gotten hot under the collar and actually started fighting, they’d all have been out looking to break up the fight, and many would have had guns on their hips, ready for trouble but not looking for it.

    If the cops had to be called, they’d have put the two in separate cruisers until both had calmed down. The stray would have gotten a ride home and a stern whopping from tightlipped, humiliated parents.

    George Zimmerman likely wouldn’t even have been on the scene; his home would have been too far away to hear the ruckus, and he’d have known his neighbors were looking out for themselves. Why go out on a miserable rainy night?

    Instead everyone depends on the cops to do their fighting for them, but mocks anyone who thinks they might want to be a cop. The cops treat their flock with the same contempt wanna be thugs like Trayvon do.

    Zimmerman may not have acted perfectly, but by golly, neither do the cops, vaunted training aside.

    And neither do we, not by a long shot.

  6. Robert Says:

    It’s idiots, all the way down, with more idiocy to come.

  7. Paul Says:

    Zimmerman didn’t use ‘stand your ground’ at the trial. He simply said he could not retreat due to being pounded into the pavement.

    Yea he did stupid things but it was the racist pothead Martin that went looking for trouble.

  8. TigerStripe Says:

    George Zimmerman waived his right to have a Stand Your Ground hearing at which a judge would have determined the case. I’ll bet he’s glad that went ahead with his self defense case with the jury. I doubt a judge would have had the backbone to follow the law and the facts of the case.

  9. Manish Says:

    It is Trayvon who was standing his ground. He was minding his business when he was attacked by a lunatic who deemed him suspicious for walking back to his dads home after getting a snack. Zimmerman provoked the attack and deserved to get his ass kicked, he had no right to shoot the kid.

  10. poppa india Says:

    OK, I’ll bite, Manish. How exactly did GZ attack TM? His nose to TM’s fist? The back of his head to TM’s sidewalk? Then you say GZ provoked the attack, meaning TM was the actual attacker. Did he provoke it by daring to ask TM who was, what was he doing? That’s all legal, you know, just as it would have been legal for TM to tell him to buzz off. What was not legal was for TM to punch him in the nose, knock him down and then sit on him and pound his head into the sidewalk. At that point GZ was justified in resisting a violent attack by whatever means he had.

  11. Nevyan Says:

    Zimmerman shouldn’t have done this. Zimmerman shouldn’t have done that. Zimmerman was a pussy. Zimmerman got his ass kicked by a kid.

    When the was the last time you got jumped and assaulted just because you were following someone? When was the last time you turned to head back to your car and were attacked? When was the last time when you were just checking out a disturbance or noise you ended up with your head being slammed into the concrete?

    The pussies out there are the ones saying George Zimmerman was to blame for being a good citizen and looking out for his neighborhood.

    And the biggest pussies out there are the ones still concealed carrying and calling George Zimmerman a pussy. Those are the dickheads being the fucking range queens who talk a big fucking game to their shooting buddies at competitions when life and death are not on the line.

    What would YOU have done in his position, on the ground getting pummeled? Pull out your own MMA skills? No… you would fumble for that pistol with your heart beating like kettle drums and praying you stay conscious long enough to pull the trigger.

    Or you sit at home worried and don’t look to ensure your community is safe by staying vigilant and reporting suspicious activity to the police.

    Either way… your the pussies.

  12. Unistat76 Says:

    Disappointing, Uncle. It seems to me that this thinking is along the lines of, “Well, I want to appear reasonable and non-partisan, so I’ll just assign blame 51% and 49%.”

    Don’t give, ever. Not even an inch. You know what the statists will take if you do.

    It’s not as if this is a murky case where people of good intentions could have a genuine difference of opinion because we don’t know the facts. At this point all the evidence and testimony is out there.

  13. Rob Crawford Says:

    DJMoore: *applause*

    Nevyan: *standing ovation*

  14. phenicks Says:

    If Zimmerman was a woman, thy would have given her the key to the city. If it was a minority race woman, a parade in Disney. Is it because it’s not “Manly” to get the crap beat out of you/ killed by a punk then to use a tool to defend yourself?

  15. TigerStripe Says:

    What has bothered me the most about this case is that people have a belief that not following an “order” from a dispatcher is illegal. I know that the dispatcher in this case didn’t give such an order but that impression is in the minds of many people.

  16. Windy Wilson Says:

    Getting out of the truck and following may have been a stupid decision, but has no bearing on the case.

    In the case that just ended, getting out of the truck is “dressing that way” “walking down that street” “at that hour.”
    We don’t do it for women who are rape victims we shouldn’t be sexist about it.

  17. Windy Wilson Says:

    Had one other –ONE OTHER– person in that condo complex seen to doing his or her duty as a citizen, Zimmerman would not have been out on that rainy night alone, Trayvon would have thought twice of being a stupid thug (at least that night), and the media would have been deprived of yet another chance to divide and conquer for THE Man.

  18. treefroggy Says:

    Calling Professor Darwin; You live in a shall issue state with concealed carry and a no obligation to retreat law. You decide to start pummeling a stranger.
    You die.

  19. wastme Says:

    Care to elaborate on why you think zimmerman is an idiot? Was he supposed to go lock himself in his house and wait for criminals to finish stealing what they wanted every night? Was he supposed to not resist and let his head be banged on the sidewalk after being told he was going to die? Do you vote democratic?

    In your opinion what was the smart thing to do?

  20. Bat Chain Puller Says:

    New eye witness report. Just before Zim attacked Martin, Martin was heard saying “Dude, I don’t know what your problem is, but I’m just visiting Sanford and I’m on my way back to my dad’s house to watch some ball. It’s right there. You can see his porch light. Follow me if you want, douchebag.”

  21. mariner Says:

    Thank you, Steve Ramsey.

    Thank you, DJMoore.

    Uncle you’re usually a good guy but today you’re a jerk.

  22. SayUncle Says:

    Zimmerman made a few decisions that were suspect. Probably not idiot territory but not things I think should be done.

  23. Bat Chain Collector Says:

    New eye witness report. Just before Martin sucker punched Zimmerman, Martin was heard saying,” Hey Taco eater, I just got messed up, and was going to get high, but you look like an easy kill and I’m feelin’ mean. Now if you want you can beg for your life but tonight you gonna die.” And Simmerman proceeded to assualt poor choir boy Martin with his body blooding Martins knuuckles, assaulted the concrete with the back of his head, because he wanted to show Martin he was a mean mother.

    And Martin was so impressed he knelt down on Zimmerman and administered comforting massages to demonstrate his care and empathy.

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