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Is one person a march?

Adam Kokesh wanted everyone to march on DC with their AR-15s. Apparently, he showed up alone and loaded a shotty in the middle of the street:

I hope that he got his hands on the David Gregory defense so he can use it since he videoed himself breaking the law.

13 Responses to “Is one person a march?”

  1. Robert Says:

    Gotta start somewhere.

  2. Tom Skoch Says:

    Looks to be dawn and deserted around him.

  3. USCitizen Says:

    I didn’t see much marching in that clip.

    Just sayin’.

  4. 8notch Says:

    Didn’t he just have a felony drug arrest within a couple of days of suggesting this?

  5. Jeff from DC Says:

    @8notch-I think he had an Assault on a Police Officer arrest( resisting). Pretty sure it got dropped.

  6. 8notch Says:

    Ah, just a friendly reminder from the State then. Thanks for the correction Jeff.

  7. tincankilla Says:

    judging from the weather we’ve had lately, this is probably sunday or monday morning around 5 or 6 am. He’d be just about 2 blocks from the white house security bubble and the building on the right that you see when the camera pans out is the Ronald Reagan building.

    I’m sure he ran to his car and got out of dodge fast, as I’m sure they’ll have him on other cameras.

  8. Jeff from DC Says:


    That would be a bullseye on the factual observation dartboard.

  9. Beaumont Says:

    Whenever I hear about this guy, my mind equates “Kokesh” with “Koresh”.

  10. NUGUN Blog Says:

    I thought the idea would make more sense if we did the “Million Musket March”

    A tad less initimidating. (And possibly legal. Would need to look into DC’s laws.)

  11. Jamie in ND Says:

    “Million Musket March”?!!! That’s some weak ass shit. Did you vote for Obama?

  12. nk Says:

    They arrested him. They accused him of possessing firearms while in possession of Schedule I and II substances (probably pot and vicodin). Who knew? He accused them of using “forceful, aggressive conduct”. Again, who knew?

  13. ThomasD Says:

    The schedule I drug was hallucinogenic mushrooms. Kokesh was previously famous for being one of the founders of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

    Just because someone says something you agree with doesn’t make him trustworthy. He is a loon.