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My word, freedom is dangerous

Anti-gun women goes out and gets a permit. Is amazed how easy it is and that she’s capable of carrying into a Starbucks. And how many people did you hurt?

And I don’t recommend carrying a gun with out some sort of training. It’s a bit irresponsible. And, I would think, ripe for a civil suit should someone take it from you and end up hurting someone.

37 Responses to “My word, freedom is dangerous”

  1. SamW Says:

    Her narrative strikes me as false – as in made up. She is pulling our chains.

  2. Mac Says:

    Sounds like she’s carrying it unloaded.

  3. Wes S. Says:

    I’m guessing the whole point of her screed is “If a neurotic dumbass like me can get a CHL, then CHLs and those who have them are RILLY, RILLY bad, right?”

    No, I didn’t read all, or even most, of the article. I’ve reached my quota of liberal pants-soiling-hysteria for the month, thanks.

  4. Stretch Says:


  5. woerm Says:

    I posted a reply, lets see if it goes through, I said she needed to get some range time and a handgun class.

  6. Bill Says:

    Posted this response – let’s see if it clears moderation:

    It’s good that you are nervous about having the firearm at this stage. That nervousness serves to remind you that you are neither familiar nor proficient with firearms in general, and yours in particular. Then again, you were likely terrified when learning to drive as well, and for the same reason – inexperience, unfamiliarity, and the looming awareness that a mistake on your part could be fatal to yourself or others. I doubt you feel the same fear now while driving, as you have many years of practice and experience that make you familiar with the limitations of both your automobile and yourself.

    What amazes me is that you do not recognize the same need for practice and experience with a firearm. Having the right to carry is one thing, but you need to practice. Go to a range. Practice shooting. Practice running out of ammo and having to reload quickly (you do carry at least one spare loaded magazine, do you not?). Practice breath and trigger control. Practice drawing, aiming, and firing quickly. Take a course from an expert. Find out why the Tueller Drill is important. Go here:, and run some of their drills. Practice as if your life depended on it, as it well may.

    The other thing is “situational awareness”. I like this to the “defensive driving” meme. You need to be constantly aware of what is going on around you. While driving, you note the person in the other lane who seems to be having control issues, and you adjust accordingly. Same on the street. Having a firearm at the ready does not mean you can walk down the street oblivious to your surroundings. Instead, you must be more aware. Remember – the only (gun)fight you are guaranteed to win is the one you do not have. If you see a situation starting to develop, get out of there if at all possible. The firearm is your last resort, not your first or only resort.

    One month sitting in Starbucks with a gun on your hip while shaking with fear does no one – least of all you, any good at all.

  7. sendarius Says:

    My response:

    I get that you are ignorant about guns.
    I get that you are fearful of guns – at least in part due to that ignorance.
    I get that you are trying to make a point.
    I also get that you are using hyperbole to make that point.
    Guess what? All new guns come with an Owner’s Manual. Even most used guns do also. If not there is always the Internet.
    You typed your message on a computer and sent it out to the world. You DO know that you can receive information on the same machine, don’t you? Like maybe
    You are willfully ignorant about guns – you know nothing, you KNOW that you know nothing, and yet you CHOOSE to LEARN nothing.
    That makes YOU the most dangerous thing in Starbuck’s.

  8. Ellen Says:

    I commented that she was practicing epic fail — her fourth rule for the experiment was “be prepared”, and she wasn’t. I’d quote myself more accurately, but they didn’t think it was an acceptable post, and I didn’t save a copy.

  9. motomed Says:

    wonder if she’ll admit after the 30 days that it’s not actually a big deal? or if she’ll just sort of quietly move onto some other cause and start carrying IWB… she’s counting on that same scared to death feeling everywhere she goes in order to make her point… going to take a lot of effort to keep faking that after reality sets in…

  10. jefferson101 Says:

    She makes no mention of buying any ammunition, so all of the fear and paranoia are probably a fair bit misplaced, I’d think.

    I’m unsuprised that most anti-gun types think that ammunition spontaneously generates itself in the empty magazine, though.

  11. Mu Says:

    She mentions she’s afraid of hurting her son in the house. Maybe a visit by child protective services would be in order. The rest is like “I just got my drivers license and now I’m going to town in my new souped-up 500 HP 3 ton SUV”. Legal yes, wise no.

  12. Stuart the Viking Says:

    If at the end of the 30 days she hasn’t killed anyone, do you think that she’ll admit that it means that all her protest against firearms is mis-spent?


  13. SPZ Says:


    I posted a cranky response over there. Doubt it will get past the moderator.

    We have a gun noob sitting in a Starbucks, quivering with an adrenaline dump. Instinct and reason, the centerpins of any weapon system, should have her heading out of the door. Instead, she disregards them and subjects us to her Deep Thoughts on the matter of firearms and promises more to come.

    Puerile crap like this bores the hell out of me.

    I won’t bother reading one more word of her fluff. It’s and insult to dryer lint.

  14. Gerry Says:

    I hope somebody told her to get a better holster.

  15. Rob Crawford Says:

    “I’m unsuprised that most anti-gun types think that ammunition spontaneously generates itself in the empty magazine, though.”

    Really? We have one on record as believing magazines a one-use affairs. I guess they think magazines come loaded from the factory.

  16. Oldradartech Says:

    Reasoned discourse in effect. I posted Friday that the pistol came with a manual (with illustrations, even). Pointed out that unless she breaks her willful embargo on information she is unlikely to be able to load it. Noted that the only thing she is demonstrating is that one should be familiar with the machinery one operates – she is providing an excellent bad example.

  17. Dennis Says:

    In the comments, BOB said “You gotta believe most people who own them have no idea how to use them.”

    No Bob, I don’t have to believe that. Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. One blogger that can legally purchase a gun and has no clue how to use it doesn’t meet the basic requirements for a statistical sample of gun owners by any stretch of mathematics or science.

  18. Bat Chain Puller Says:

    Well, it looks like an interesting experiment if she can keep it honest. I do admit it looks like a set-up, though. She doesn’t seem to allowing any more comments; either overwhelmed, angry, censorious, lazy, on break or in jail.

  19. Seerak Says:

    A constant refrain through the article and in her subsequent comments is “There’s no checks or oversight, I can screw up anything I want here and there’s no one to stop me, that’s the point!”

    Yes, that is the point; you find yourself without anyone there to tell you what to do – no government there to constrain you in loco parentis, no one but you to figure out what is the right thing to do -, and your response is to panic?

    I’d bet good money she’s more than OK with the #NSA surveillance too… God knows what she’d get up to without that.

  20. OldRadarTech Says:

    Quick, someone send her a photo of the HK catalog with the backward bullets!

  21. randy Says:

    I posted this and it too is awaiting moderation:

    You say that buying the gun only took seven minutes. Having bought guns before, I find that very hard to believe. even if you bough the first gun Tony recommended, you still had to read and fill out this form:

    Tony had to fill out his part, you had to wait for the “instant” background check, and pay for it. I’ll bet it was a lot longer than seven minutes.

    Assuming you are not exaggerating about the other facts, please learn how to handle a gun safely before buying ammunition. You are a hazard to yourself and everybody around you.

  22. Glenn Says:

    I had posted a comment basically replacing handgun with the word chainsaw in her article and wasn’t allowed to pass moderation. Yet our favorite psher Joan Peterson has quite a few posts allowed.

  23. woerm Says:

    comment still awaiting moderation after 24 hours, I’m guessing any pro gun, get training doesn’t make the cut

  24. Robert Says:

    I can say one thing. Emily Miller she aint.

  25. Dennis Says:

    The moderator of the blog was too scared to publish my comment apparently.

  26. OldRadarTech Says:

    Go post something on how brave she is to carry a scary bang-thing, and what a good idea proving that being irresponsibly stoopid is indeed irresponsibly stoopid. Make a fuss about how this demonstrates that ‘the system’ encourages mass murder, poor hygiene and global warming.
    I’d wager your post is approved before you can get off the page.

  27. PubliusII Says:

    That story, which is the first of a presumed four installments, was written and edited by an antigun magazine for its antigun readers. Why is anyone surprised that details don’t fit, and it displays the author as a chronological adult with an infantile level of irresponsibility?

  28. phenicks Says:

    I’m to lazy to waste my time over there, but I wonder if she realizes that you can buy a car and even license it without a drivers license? I can buy a presa canario without a license. Both are probably more dangerous without training then that Glock.

  29. Jim Says:

    Okay, I just put this comment into play. Let’s see if it makes through the “reasoned discource” filter, eh?


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I will gladly foot the expense to buy the author a quality “retention” holster. A retention holster essentially locks the gun into place, but has a quick-access button, lever or latch to allow for a relatively unimpeded draw. Retention holsters greatly reduce the chance of the gun being “grabbed” by some ill-intentioned miscreant.

    You’ll notice that virtually every police officer’s sidearm is carried in one brand or another of a retention holster, as such are required by most departments.

    Carrying isn’t the bad thing here. Carrying without adequate preparation, knowledge and skills, is.

    Installments #2 through #4 ought to be…….. interesting?

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  30. woerm Says:

    3 days still in moderation hmmm make of that what you will either it doesn’t pass their shrill test or has too much common sense.

  31. Oldradartech Says:

    I’m going with her never loading it. At the end of the month she will recount several harrowing incidents where she lost her temper, the gun tempted her, or it leaped from the holster. That only because it wasn’t loaded the blood of innocents wasn’t spilled by the barrel.
    That or she’ll forget and leave it sitting on a public toilet.

  32. Oldradartech Says:

    I’d pay good money to have Tam write a counterpoint column. I’d actually buy the rag. Suppose we could get the editor to buy off on that?

  33. wastme Says:

    Its called individual responsibility. If you know you can’t handle it, please don’t. But don’t take away our rights because of your lack of intelligence or knowledge. To approach a cop during a traffic stop to ask how to use a gun is asinine.

    You can drive a car off a bridge too if your too stupid to keep it on the road.

  34. woerm Says:

    still in moderation I think I’m giving up on ‘reasoned discourse’ this crew doesn’t apparently do discourse of any type

  35. jacob Says:

    She didn’t even buy ammo for it… she would probably pick up some 9mm Makarov if she tried.

  36. Archer Says:

    @ Glenn: “Yet our favorite psher Joan Peterson has quite a few posts allowed.”

    Not surprising. They’re both Brady Board members. Hell, they probably know each other personally.

  37. Motor-T Says:

    My comments from three days ago are still “awaiting moderation”.
    They want to have a conversation where our side just shuts up.

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