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I was dumbstruck

As I listened to the woman arguing with the cashier that she could get 5 Hour Energy with her food stamp card.

17 Responses to “I was dumbstruck”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    Did she pull up the .gov web page on her iPhone to make her case?

    Because I’ve seen that happen.

  2. Ken in NH Says:

    Man, you must have some serious self-control. I would have been compelled to intervene.

    “Ma’am, since I’m the one who pays for you to not work, I get to decide what you may or may not buy with my money and I do not think you need to buy any kind of energy drink with my money.”

  3. Frank Says:

    Eh, it’s not just the welfare whores. I was in Mexican Hat, Utah at a hotel, and while waiting to pay I listened to a man (retired teacher, according to him) whine and bitch that HIS breakfast wasn’t free with his room like the AAA book said it was. I let him go on for a minute or so, and then pointed to the sign RIGHT in fron of him that said that the hotel didn’t honor the AAA policy of free breakfast with the room. Didn’t matter.

  4. Gerry Says:

    Maybe she wanted be wide awake for her job interview?

  5. Bob Barker Says:

    When I’m retired and I officially achieve “ol’ coot” status I’m going to stand next to the checkout and hand out self-addressed, stamped Thank You cards to these folks.

  6. MJM Says:

    Watched one whip out the EBT card, buy smokes, and get cash back.
    Our government is illegitimate.

  7. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    I’d be suprised if you couldn’t.

  8. nk Says:

    There are two kinds of welfare cards now. One is like the food stamp was, the other is like the welfare check was, a debit card. Dummy may have just confused the two or just never did know the difference. In any case, it’s not up to the cashier. The gobmint’s machine will turn down a charge for a non-food item.

  9. Standard Mischief Says:

    >Watched one whip out the EBT card, buy smokes, and get cash back.

    To be fair, some states give cash assistance that can be spent on anything and they do it through the EBT card. Personally, I’ve probably bought beer with unemployment insurance cash but I had it direct-deposited in next to my emergency fund (which is the reason why I had zero income after being laid off but couldn’t qualify for any food stamps)

    Frankly, I’d feel better about giving them a little cash assistance if it meant they didn’t buy organic milk in the high zoot deposit bottles at “whole paycheck” and then pour the milk out on the street so they can return the bottles for cash, and then buy themselves some coffin nails with the proceeds.

    Besides that, there’s also WIC, which stands for “woman, infants, and children”. Besides being totally sexist, it seems to have the strictest requirements on what types of food that could be purchased. You can’t use it to buy kool-aid, but 100% tomato juice is OK.

  10. me Says:

    Not long ago, I heard a radio talk show talk about the big controversy locally about setting up the equipment to allow EBT cards to be used at local farmers’ markets.

    On the one hand, we suppose it’s better than Twinkies and Kool-Aid. On the other hand, those of us who have dealt with your typical EBT recipient are pretty sure that the farmers’ market may have to cough up thousands of dollars for the machines, but no one will use them, ever. You can’t get to the farmers’ market on a city bus, for one thing. For another, the farmers’ market sells things like fresh vegetables, which have no place in the Ghetto Food Pyramid; your typical EBT recipient is rather more interested in Twinkies, purple drank, menthol cigarettes, malt liquor, and blunt wrappers.

  11. Other Steve Says:

    …. A couple things…..

    1. Food Stamps / SNAP and Wellfare now go on to the same card. They do have different conditions for foods. You can not buy hot foods with SNAP for instance.

    2. “WELLFARE” since 99% of you do not know this, is limited to 5 years lifetime now. YOU CANNOT be on “wellfare” for more than 5 years regardless of kids or income. Now, there is SSI / Disability. And there is no time limit to SNAP (food stamps) but there is a pretty strict income guidelines. Wellform reform in the late 90s (Clinton, actually) put cuts on wellfare. There are plenty of other public assistance programs depending on what you qualify for, but at this point, I MUST stress, no one is getting rich off of food stamps. Be thankful you don’t have to live like that, don’t be judging of people that are on the SNAP program. It’s in the 90% that people on SNAP will repay into the program what they have taken out over their lives. Most people on SNAP are working poor. The next biggest class is elderly, then children, then non-working adults.

    3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the irony that people against big government complain about people being able to buy X or Y food, things they might consider junk food with snap. There are regulations on alcohol, non-foods, and certain things. However, IF 5-hour energy has a food UPC, it’s considered food and that’s all there is to it. Do any of you that are against big government really want to see an Office of Food Appropriateness? With a Czar telling people what is healthy and what is not? The far majority of SNAP money spent is on breads, cereals, eggs, dairy, etc. It’s not all Doritos and CheezWhiz. And even if it was, remember most people pay back into the system what they take out, so does it really matter?

    4. Just because you “see” something you suspect isn’t right. Like someone buying cigarettes with their EBT doesn’t make it BS. There are ways to get your own money on your EBT. SNAP, Wellfare (traditional sense), Disability, and etc are all on the same card, but it’s never possible to exactly say. So, do exactly what you want people to do when it comes to you – mind your own business – and read/research into it if you really want to know.

    Personalized responses because some of your are so far off it’s crazy:

    Wizardpc: Was that her iphone? Did she get it gifted to her? Was a 4G 64GB with the dataplan? Oh you don’t know? STFU then. If she was given an iPhone should she be forced to give it up or is that her choice? Does an iphone have other uses? A lot of working poor are stuck where they are because they have no means to find anything better, no internet access means no email, means no means no moving up. On SNAP you get a $20 or $30 deduction off your income requirements for having a cell phone (any), so trust me, if you see someone with an iphone and on SNAP, they aren’t exactly proven to be scamming the system.

    Ken: You must be an amazing gifted physic to know that you are paying for her to not work. The far majority of people on SNAP are working poor. Mind your own fucking business…. Geez, where does that sound familiar from??? Oh, the comments here when people tell you something you don’t want to hear about guns… How about that. I’m 100% for all guns, however, I must say, the SNAP program does actually save more lives of good people than personal firearm ownership does per year, just an aside.

    Gerry: Sarcasm of course, but see my above points about who determines what is “right” for everyone.

    MJM: Was that SSI, SNAP, Wellfare, TANIF, WIC, unemployment, personal financial services? What was it? Oh, you don’t know? Ok, good story bro.

    Nk, StandardMischeif: Correct.

    Me: Oh, you heard something on the radio, well, case closed. That must be the end of the story then. Let’s go on, repeat it, and then try and convince other people of it. All the farmers markets in my state accept EBT and it’s been plenty popular. But tell me, which the fuck is it? Do you want them to buy whole good foods cheap and have all the money go right back into the community or have it spent on Doritos where only the markup goes back into the community? Or is it neither because you don’t care because it could never effect you? Ah, jump right into the biggoted Ghetto Food Pyramid, sweet, how about you check the “good” (probably white) people in your area that are on SNAP. Dude, you’re almost certainly a racist. Just so you know, that comes through pretty obviously, people see it.

    Look, here is the thing… If you think the gov should stay out of people’s lives and choices, then stop fucking complaining about the gov not being more in other things enough. SNAP isn’t going anywhere and it’s been pretty well proven to be a low cost effective assistance program. Wellfare is limited to 5 years. If you want to argue SSI / Disability needs reform go ahead. But research the fucking topic before opening your mouth.

  12. Lyle Says:

    My first food stamp outrage was when I was a very young and struggling businessman. I was eye-balling some beef jerky, which I love, and then decided that, no, I couldn’t afford it. Sacrifices must be made. It’s part of life and you must learn it, to keep your head above water. A dirty, unkept man in front of me grabbed a whole bunch of the jerky and paid with food stamps.

    I pay taxes for that shit? Yes I do, and I WON’T forget it. I’m not going to freak out, or scream about it, carry a picket sign, or start punching people or take a shit on a police car. I’ll just never forget it. I know the score, and I have your number.

  13. Other Steve Says:

    Lyle, and you confuse that as the guy taking what would have been a luxury to you? That somehow he was giving you the finger and eating better than you? WOW. Did you really just say “I wish I were on food stamps making less than 150% of poverty amount so I could enjoy all the beef jerky I could purchase”?

    Let me ask you, what the fuck good is a box of pasta, milk, salt and pepper, and some cold meat of any good to you if you don’t have a kitchen to cook in? Don’t have a refrigerator to store it? Suddenly beef jerky seems like a pretty good buy.

    Your post is the epitome of selfish reluctance to even consider any sort of empathy. You can’t understand that what for you would be a tasty treat, is possibly all this guy can eat because what else lasts like beef jerky and will keep you alive? I wasn’t there, I’m not saying that was the case in this instance, but I can tell you I have seen hundreds of people on food stamps (not just the one or two at the store that I can look down on like some of you) and no one is getting rich off food stamps and WIC. Thanks for adding to my points though.

    How about you man the fuck up and volunteer at a local food bank on a day they are having a distribution. Come back and talk about how well off “those people” they are. Go physically hand boxes of food to “those people” and let me they’re just cheating the system.

  14. SteveA Says:

    @other steve, go fuck yourself, I have personally had a woman driving a 735i stop in the gas station I was managing and ask if we took EBT cards.
    She has 5 kids by 5 different men, none of them pay child support because they are all drug dealers and don’t have real jobs. There was a gov’t assisted living apartment complex just down the road from our store. 99% of the people there drove BMW’s, Mercedes, Lexus or Cadillacs. Most where either black or white women with mixed babies.

  15. nk Says:

    It’s not just home grown. If you want to be outraged, look at the Tsarnaevs the Boston Bombers. And they were not a glitch in the system. People who make it here on a refugee visa, a lot from Eastern Europe, do get SSI and foods stamps and Section Eight housing assistance and Medicaid and state cash assistance for years and years. And they do drive Mercedes and BMWs and Cadillacs. You can see them in Skokie, you can see them in the Bronx, you might even see them in Tennessee.

  16. Other Steve Says:


    It was a 735i huh? Real specific.

    You know she has 5 kids? Did she bring all of them in? Did she introduce you to them and explain they all had different fathers and you know this or you “KNOW” this?

    99% of cars huh? You aren’t exagerating here?

    Does their race matter? Does there children’s race matter? Seems pointless unless you have a problem with race mixing.

    For every asshole abusing the system, there are plenty of people really using it to better themselves. Your bullshit exaggeration can’t overcome my experience with this.

  17. SteveA Says:

    @other steve, I was in the store 6 days a week, 10+hrs a day.
    1)I really like beemers, so i know them well
    2)over the more than 6 yrs I ran that store, I met all of here kids and the fathers of them
    3)Yes, 99%. Saw 1, just 1, other vehicle and it was a land rover.
    4)In this situation yes, I saw lots of poeple(white,black,brown,yellow & green) on welfare(one L by the way) that didn’t abuse the system.
    As you asked earlier, Do you know me? Where you there? Than fuck you(again) for calling it BS.