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Adventures in Pressure Washing

Once every three years or so, I spend a couple of weekends pressure washing our fence. Knocks the crud and patina off and makes it look brand new. I was doing that yesterday. There was a rather sizable wasps’ nest between one of the posts and the pickets that I didn’t see. And I nailed it with the pressure washer unleashing a hoard of angry wasps. I know, my fault. I wasn’t sure of my target and what was behind it. The wasps, basically, came at me full force. Or, rather, came toward the pressure washer blast. And I laid down suppressive fire at the angry swarm. It worked. I didn’t get stung. Wet wasps are very sad wasps, by the way.

Also, it was difficult to finish the job because for every few minutes of pressure washing, I had to stop and play with the dog:

Who knew you could pressure wash Boston Terriers?

And sorry about the quality. It was my smart phone camera.

21 Responses to “Adventures in Pressure Washing”

  1. LC Scotty Says:

    What? Too busy laying down suppressive fire to film the sad wasps? Very disappointing.

  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    Half way there. Break out the baby shampoo and then hose the dog off a second time.

  3. Muddyboots Says:

    What, this is the first time you pressure washed your Boston Bull? What have you been using, the dish washer? They love it! It sets off the fundamental terrier in them and they try to grab and throttle the spray. They love a challenge!

    It keeps the white part white and the black part black! Nothing is worse than a dingey gray Boston!!!

  4. Firehand Says:

    Friends of mine have a medium-size mixed-breed, and the minute you pick up a hose, here she comes; she effing LOVES playing in the water.

  5. Matthew Carberry Says:

    So what we had was a peaceful “Occupy Uncle’s Fence” protest going on until you brought in the dogs and water cannons to break it up.

    You didn’t build that fence!

  6. Old NFO Says:

    LOL, fun on both sides it looks like! 🙂

  7. Bob in Houston Says:


  8. Jerry Says:

    I’ll give you 10 bucks if you’ll wash my husky.Springtime is fur time. You can even keep what comes off. Knit the kids some sweaters.

  9. Cody Crown Says:

    Your Boston Terrier seems really love to get pressure washed. Congrat also for your victory on the wasps! 🙂

  10. lucusloc Says:

    What! First bubblehead and now you! It’s an epidemic!

    This belongs here:

    Funny dog though 🙂

  11. Gerry Says:

    If there is ever a G-8 protest in your city, we now know who to give the fire hose too!

  12. Frank B Says:

    Pressure washed the wife’s cat once. Still hearing about it.

  13. ben Says:

    With a Nokia 920 you’d have gotten some fairly awesome video quality 🙂

  14. Alicia Says:

    Our Boston loves to bite water. Makes it easy to get the kiddo out to water the plants!

  15. Geodkyt Says:

    Occupy Uncles Fence

    Matthew, epic.

  16. Frank Says:

    I don’t know how you kept from giggling.

  17. Will Says:

    I use a steam cleaner on decking and fences. Looks like new, especially Redwood. Faster than just cold pressure washing, I suspect. Hmm, I’ll have to do a comparison. Would be cheaper if I don’t have to fire up the burner…

  18. NotClauswitz Says:

    I’mna have to git me one of them pressure washer for our place in the hills..

  19. Chas Says:

    I have a Chesapeake Bay retriever who would have loved that even more!

  20. Jennifer Says:

    I had no idea you could pressure a Boston Terrier. The Basinjihuahua at our house is terrified of water.

  21. Jennifer Says: