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The Fire Hedgehog: 88 PPSH SMGs mounted in the bombay of a Tu-2

The Fire Hedghog is just what the title says. It was 88 PPSH submachine guns each with a 75-round drum magazine mounted in the bombay of a Tu-2 used for strafing ground targets. This, although very unlikely, would be so cool as an option in war thunder. Imagine flying at 100m above a column of armored cars, or even better over an enemy bomber and just letting rip a torrent of bullets

5 Responses to “The Fire Hedgehog: 88 PPSH SMGs mounted in the bombay of a Tu-2”

  1. aczarnowski Says:

    The lead comment sums it up in classic internet: The f*ck?

  2. rickn8or Says:

    Bad enough all that 7.62, but think of the brass (steel?) casings raining down.

  3. Bryan S. Says:

    Imagine the 4.7 seconds of lift….

  4. Paul Says:

    The 7.62×25 is not a very powerful round, nor does the PPsH a high cyclic rate.

    How about instead 50 1919A4 Browning .38 cal. machineguns. They made a twin mount, mirror image with opposite feeds, for the SDB dive bomber.

    This version had a cyclic rate of 1200 rpm. That is 20 rounds a second. 50 of these would make it 1000 rounds a second of 30-06 (way way ahead of the PPsH round!)

    Yes a thousand rounds a second of M2 AP ball and incendiary. That would make Puff The Magic Dragon look like nothing.

  5. Drang Says:

    I remember seeing an illustration of a proposal to mount a dozen M1928A1 Thompson SMGs to shoot straight down from the belly of an airplane; IIRC, the intent was to use it to stop gangsters’ getaways.

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