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Our grassroots are real

Five Reasons the NRA Won the Recent Gun Control Debate That Have Nothing to Do with Politics

4 Responses to “Our grassroots are real”

  1. SebastianS Says:


    Have had this conversation more times recently than I can remember–one motivated, takes a day off work to lobby his rep, writes letters, and speaks well for the right RKBA type is worth a thousand crazy cat ladies and weenies hitting up their Twitter accounts all day.

    We’re smarter, more motivated, and more numerous, and when push comes to shove, that matters more than what some push poll says.

  2. Lyle Says:

    (facepalm) Reason #6 (and in summary of reasons 1 through 5); We’re right and our opposition is wrong. When lobbying for a cause, make sure your cause is right and just and is historically supportable. Having it already enshrined in the constitution is a big plus. Otherwise, even huge amounts of money and millions of warm bodies are going to have a difficult time getting support for your provably wrong (and unconstitutional) ideas. There is no substitute for being right.

    So if you’re out there, blundering around in the dark, looking passionately for a cause to support, having no clue where to start, you might want to look at things that are right, just, AND enshrined in the constitution, you blubbering, jibbering, motherfucking towering example of an idiot.

  3. Cargosquid Says:

    Heh… I go to HuffPo and poke the useful idiot over there.

    I just came from one article called “My Life with Guns” that basically said…my family treated guns unsafely so you can’t have any.

    When I was there……three pages of comments. 100% pro-2nd Amendment. All of them. Including one that admitted to wanting more gun control. That guy called the article BS.

    We’re winning.

  4. Sigivald Says:

    Remember what Congressman Jim Lightfoot saidólegislators are pretty good at judging the credibility and sincerity of each and every constituent lobbying for a cause. Being face to face communicates that you are willing to make an effort; it increases your sincerity quotient.

    True fact.

    An online petition or “send this email by clicking!” means nothing, because it involved no investment of effort.

    A custom, obviously-not-copied email means more, exactly because it represents giving a damn.

    A phone call or physical letter means yet more.

    (I suppose a physical visit would be the most meaningful, but that might also verge on … weird.)