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Technology: Stop it before it kills someone

Is 3D printing of handguns really a big deal since you can go to the Home Depot and get what you need for a zip gun? Some sticks work too.

And, where Great Britain used to be, the press prints a gun and carries it on the train, no doubt breaking numerous UK laws on guns. And they also peed their pants a little.

And The Cribbage Guy made this cool board with Liberator parts on it.

4 Responses to “Technology: Stop it before it kills someone”

  1. nk Says:

    I’m starting to get it, I think. I’m 56. In my high school, we had machine shop with pre-war mills and lathes. Our high tech was the micrometer. We used shims to keep the arbors from wobbling too much. I confess nothing, but pengun bodies were machined from brass rod there. In foundry, we cast aluminum. In electrical shop we made metal engraving pens. In auto shop we learned how to fit steel brake lines. Etc, etc.

    But this is the computer age. Younger people know computers and printers. Putting it together on a computer screen and pushing a “print” button is the handiwork now. So ….

  2. Mu Says:

    The most amazing thing is that the Daily Mail thought they were the first to be so daring …

  3. Zendo Deb Says:

    Homemade weapons found in the wild

    and in case you want to get in on the action…

    Here is how to roll your own.

    No 3D printing required.

  4. Zendo Deb Says:

    For a non-firearm weapon, try Flame throwers.