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Shoot out

Pretty amazing video of some crazy dude deciding to shoot his AK at the police:

I’ll leave the Monday morning quarter backing to you because that’s what you do.

15 Responses to “Shoot out”

  1. mariner Says:

    Not saying she was wrong, but she continued firing after the guy was down.

    If you or I did that we’d be indicted for attempted murder.

  2. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    I think it was in Blackhawk Down where one of the Delta guys said that in a gunfight, first you’re scared, then you get angry. You could see when the male cop stopped being scared and got angry.

    Also interesting how the off camera citizen offers to help. He has a pistol. And at the end you see a guy running down the street towards the cops. You kind of wonder why he’s running towards the gunfire. I kind of hope he arrived on scene and gave first aid to the female cop who got shot in the hand and lost a finger. Still, pretty brave running towards the gunfire.

  3. Jake Says:

    If you or I did that we’d be indicted for attempted murder.

    It was one continuous string of fire from before he went down to after, without a stop to reassess, so I think that might depend heavily on one’s jurisdiction, and the reasonableness of the local cops and prosecutor. I’d bet money he shot to slide-lock, and the guy was still a threat when he started. Also, it wasn’t very long at all between when he finally went down and the male cop (I don’t think it was the female cop) stopped shooting – maybe 2 seconds. If he had stopped and then started again, I might agree, but I think even an unreasonable prosecutor would think twice about charging someone in this kind of scenario, simply because creating reasonable doubt would be entirely too easy for even a half-decent defense attorney.

    Looking at the video – though I’m sure it wasn’t obvious in the moment – I think he was already dead when he took a knee, but his brain hadn’t figured that out yet. The way his head was moving up and down makes me think of someone starting to go to sleep and suddenly jerking awake. But, he was still on his knees and holding his gun, so a few extra shots to speed things along were certainly not uncalled for.

  4. WPZ Says:

    I have a recollection from a regular news report that I read that the female officer, only one week on the job, did not fire at all; that the male officer fired all 29 rounds that came from the police.
    One thought I had was that he was using a 14+1 round gun, emptied it, reloaded, and then emptied it again until slide lock caused him to pause and survey the now-non-moving suspect.

  5. sdo1 Says:

    Here’s more background:

    Thomas (female officer trainee, passenger) had already exited the unit and walked behind the unit to approach the stopped vehicle. When the subject got out and opened fire she took cover behind the unit. Savage (male training officer, driver) returned fire through his own windshield before exiting and also getting cover behind the unit.

    Thomas probably saved Savage’s life with her actions drawing fire from the subject and making him.

    Can’t fault either officer’s actions. They communicated well and acted as a team to put down a threat that exploded in a nanosecond.

    In no police review of the incident have I read any comment about shooting after the subject was down, only kudos on how the officers reacted.

  6. sdo1 Says:

    @WPZ: She was on her last day of training.

  7. Metulj Says:

    Monday Morning Quarterbacking: Because, y’know, it’s all just a game.

  8. Robert Says:

    Hell of a final exam there.

  9. WIILSHOOT Says:

    Video was pulled off you tube:

    New link:

  10. wizardpc Says:

    So I watched that video on my phone. Did I hear the shooter screaming “Just kill me!” or did my brain insert that on its own?

  11. bob r Says:

    “Did I hear the shooter screaming “Just kill me!” or did my brain insert that on its own?”

    Sure sounded like he said that. Looks like “suicide by cop”; even if that wasn’t what he was looking for, he sure deserved what he got.

  12. Kristophr Says:

    Mariner: The perp hadn’t dropped the AK, and could still fire on them.

    If you want cops to stop firing at you, I suggest dropping the gun.

    Doesn’t always work, but it beats the hell out of holding it.

  13. Skip Says:

    That’s why you need more than seven.

  14. The Duck Says:

  15. Lyle Says:

    I would have liked to see more in the PoliceOne article about why the cops are there in the first place. What’s all this conflict and danger all about? If getting home to their families is the only goal, a different line of work would be a good idea. “You may never know how many crimes you have prevented” is close, but crime “prevention” can be taken the wrong way, and usually is.

    It’s an important nit to pick– all this nuts and bolts stuff about training and mindset is very necessary, but mainly it is to be forgotten once it’s absorbed and incorporated, and what’s left is the job to be done. So what is that?

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