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Dude, free gun


Seen parked with window open.

30 Responses to “Dude, free gun”

  1. Roland Stone Says:

    Don’t take the Big Gulp, it’s tobacco juice.

  2. Hank Says:

    Pretty common sight around here. A couple of nice rifles in the window rack is more common. Windows closed, but doors unlocked and vehicle running while somebody’s in the grocery store or Walmart for half an hour.

    It’s nice to live in America, but I lock mine and I’m too cheap to let it idle while I’m shopping.

  3. wastme Says:

    Around here they give you a ticket if the find it running with nobody in it. They couldn’t stop car theft so they ticket the victims instead. Just like what they want to do with gun control.

  4. MattW Says:

    And around here (TX) it has to be out of plain sight or it can land you in hot water…

  5. Fred Says:

    So did you freak out and call the police? You know, for the kids.

  6. Blake Says:

    I’ve heard of places ticketing people who have their cars running in their own driveways.

  7. Dave Says:

    Nice generic holster and dirty ass interior full of crap and trash.

  8. adam Says:

    Dude, free Uncle Mike’s!

  9. Patrick Says:

    Looks like the gun is worth more than the truck.

    Whoever steals the gun should handi-wipe the grip or something. Just sayin’. The slop is bad enough that if you got winged with a bullet from the guy, my guess is you’d die of bacterial infection rather than acute blood loss.

  10. Geodkyt Says:

    Cheap ass holster (I don’t even think it’s an Uncle Mike’s — I think it’s a $10 Bagmaster or even cheaper), hammer down carry.

    Bets on the ammo loadout? I’m torn between betting on hardball or some “exotic” round like DRT, Devastator, or whatever the kewl new “OMB, it blows up goats!” round sold with half naked chicks teacupping the gun on the box. . .

  11. emdfl Says:

    Lost one like that meself many years ago – the stupid was strong that day. Got a call from the local omar’s office a couple of weeks ago. Seems the missing piece showed up in a church yard in another nearby city.
    Being as I was the only owner that the ATF could find, they called me. The good news is that I get it back in a few weeks(months) after the FDLE decides it hasn’t been used to shoot anyone.
    Just a side note here – the pistol in question disappeared from my car back in the middle ’80’s; I couldn’t tell you where I bought it; and Grendal has been out of business for at least 20 years. But the ATF found it/me. Anyone who thinks there is no such thing as registration is smoking the good stuff.

  12. SteveA Says:

    I have a friend that worked(and still does) at a gunstore for many yrs. I saw his car parked in front of the local hollywood video(yeah it was late ’90’s) so I stopped to chat.
    His car was running, Beretta 92 & 3 mags laying in passenger seat, Ar-15 in backseat laying on top of a carry bag with 6 mags in pouches on outside of bag.
    Looking in the store, he was all the way at the backwall checking out new releases.
    The STUPID was strong that day.

  13. MrSatyre Says:

    The placement of the gun strikes me as peculiar. If he’s a righty, then he’s really handicapping himself trying to extricate it. If he’s a lefty, then he’d have to reach across himself to get at it, so why not locate it on his left in the first place.

  14. Matthew Carberry Says:

    I’ve never understood the fascination with borrowing trouble. I don’t give a rat’s ass how “it used to be in this town”, it isn’t that way now. I don’t care that I “shouldn’t have to worry about being robbed”, because, as a rational human being who lives in the real world I know it happens.

    Close the garage door if you aren’t in it or in front of it, “even for just a minute”. Close and lock your car, especially if you’re going to leave the keys in it.

    Plan ahead like an adult, carry a spare key and take the 10 extra seconds total a day that ensure that if something is stolen the thief had to at least exert a little energy.

  15. Matthew Carberry Says:


    Did you report the gun stolen at the time? Cause that’s a national list all recovered guns get checked against. If you reported it that’s likely how they found you.

  16. Seerak Says:

    “Shouldn’t have to worry about being robbed”? Then why carry a gun around?

    Seriously, are there people who get a CHL and a gun “just in case” and then do this because they think they “shouldn’t have to worry”?

  17. Will Says:


    that’s where a carjacker expects your left hand to go when releasing your seatbelt?
    I’m not familiar with a velcro strap there. Is that configured for left hand (thumb) use? The sound of velcro might be the second to last thing the driver hears, though.

  18. MrSatyre Says:

    Somehow I don’t think this driver is so smart as to anticipate the thought-process of a carjacker. And based on the appearance of the inside of his junker, who’d want to carjack it?

  19. emdfl Says:

    Matt –
    Nope, never reported it stolen as I thought I had lent it to a friend. I was traveling about 90% of the time back then and got home maybe a week per year. Heck I had pretty much forgotten all about it until I got that call…

  20. Paul Says:

    As MattW said, in Texas it is supposed to be concealed. If not, it can be a felony if the driver has no CHL. Plus if any kids were near by and it’s loaded then it’s child endangerment here in Texas.

    But you know, cops have left them in restaurants, restrooms, cabs, etc….

    So it happens. Not smart but it happens.

  21. Tam Says:


    But the ATF found it/me. Anyone who thinks there is no such thing as registration is smoking the good stuff.

    A firearm can be (somewhat inefficiently) traced from the manufacturer to the wholesaler to the dealer to whoever filled out the initial 4473. If that’s “registration”, then yes, we have registration.

    On the other hand, one could put it this way: Suppose you’d sold that gun once and the guy got it stolen… Now he’s boned and you get your gun back and can sell it again!

  22. Harold Says:

    My carry gun stays in the car at night but I lock my car as soon as I get out. It is also in a locked garage. I would never leave it in the car if it were on the street. I read in the local paper almost every day where someone has had a window broken and the vehicle randacked. What amazes me is how many women leave a purse in the car.

  23. Beaumont Says:

    Seems like it would be better to take it in the house. Conceivably, Mr. Smashee Window could break into your garage and jack your car before you could react. In that case, not only would your vehicle be stolen, but your gat would be on the street in Smashee’s meth-stained hands.

  24. jamieb Says:

    People car jack sub $1, 000 cars all the time, the joy ride, urban off road them, mostly they hold up stores or commit crimes and flee in the stolen car.

  25. Matthew Carberry Says:

    If you have to leave it in the car, due to carry laws or whatnot, get an inexpensive lockbox that attaches to the seat frame with a cable or something. While it violates “stop touching it”, good handling practices will minimize that risk.

    The majority of car burglaries, of both locked and unlocked cars, are simple impulsive smash and grabs. The thieves use a handy “rock or something”, as the mre heaters say, and rifle the usual hiding places, which they know better than us honest folk.

    They don’t usually have tools and they aren’t interested in spending more than a minute in the car puzzling out a lockbox.

    That’s the typical threat you need to worry about defeating. If it’s an equipped pro you won’t stop them; but you won’t be targeted by a real pro because you’ll be smart enough to be discrete in your carry and not cover your car in “steal me” stickers.

  26. Bubblehead Les Says:

    So now we know what the inside of the FuddMobile looks like.

  27. Frank Beckman Says:

    Looks loke the inside of a cop car to me. Off duty maybe.

  28. DC Handgun Info Says:

    I’d consider flipping my business card in through the window (with a written rmunder: Gun Visible/Window Down?) and MAYBE standing by the car/truck til the owner retuns. What do you think?

  29. Will Says:

    I’ve read that someone carjacked an AMC Pacer, which was used in a robbery, IIRC.
    A PACER! Which indicates a total lack of taste, and confirms every vehicle is at risk, to some extent.

  30. NUGUN Blog Says:

    Bet you it was an off duty LEO