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Call the police

Once again, in the name of journalism, some reporters decide to go break the law to show how guns should be more illegal.

5 Responses to “Call the police”

  1. Mike V Says:

    What will it take for one of these law breakers to be prosecuted?

  2. Mark Says:

    Did a google translate box pop up for anyone else? Or do I need to run scans on my computer again?

  3. Ritchie Says:

    It’s not clear that any current laws were broken. If I missed something, please enlighten me. I think it’s just sweeps week.

  4. wastme Says:

    They didn’t stop there:

  5. chris Says:

    There is an implied exemption for the media to all firearms-related laws.

    Just ask Michael Bloomberg and David Greggory.

    They can prove it.

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