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But noted gun expert Joe Biden says women can’t use AR-15s because they’re complicated and women are dumb

The Rise in Popularity of the AR-15 Among Women

4 Responses to “But noted gun expert Joe Biden says women can’t use AR-15s because they’re complicated and women are dumb”

  1. Jeffersonian Says:

    Ifinally convinced my step-daughter and her husband to let me take the grandkids out shooting a couple years ago. Much too late in my opinion, but better late than never. The grandson(16) really liked the SKS and Mosin-Nagant, but the girls preferred the AR15. Huh. Big surprise, right. in fact tho’, the 15 yr old girl was a bit spooked by guns, but shot well enough, the 12 year old(g-daughter)(my favorite, but don’t tell her) was a natural with the AR/M4. She shot the sh*t out of the targets at 50 to 100 yards no matter what I set out, paper or pop can or reaction target, with a Holosight and didn’t skip a beat. She also shot the sh*t out of my shooting bag, but that’s another matter. The AR15 is the perfect platform for any competent shooter, regardless of gender and I think, perfect for women. Call me sexist,it you will, as some women can shoot major rifle calibre quite well, but up yours if you do.

  2. Fuz Says:

    I note what seems to me a boom in the number of women being photographed shooting AR15s. Oleg Volk, of course, but just plain joes, the bikini-clad chick showing how to strip and clean the rifle, ect. A Soldiers magazine back cover shot of a _very attractive_ Soldier on the AMU.

    Maybe we need to spam these photos back to Happy Warrior Joe. I can contribute pics from 3 different females firing my ARs—two of them teens. Maybe a linkfest?

  3. Sigivald Says:

    Maybe Biden would be happy if someone made a double barrel shotgun that mounted under an AR-15 handguard*?

    (Sure, it’d practically have to be a scary NFA SBS, but what does Biden know about such minutiae?)

    (* Actually, that would be pretty awesome, in a useless kind of way. If there was no NFA issue and the price was right, I’d buy one Because Racecar.)

  4. highland Says:

    VP Biden says women aren’t smart enough to use an AR-15 but then champions women on the battlefield.

    Anyone see the issue?