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Quote of the day

The Libertarian Party:

In a #libertarian future, married #LGBT couples could defend their marijuana field with fully-automatic assault rifles bought with #Bitcoin.

Heh. I need to start layering my wookiee suit.

18 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Brigid Says:

    I think one might need the wookie suit in both dressy and business casual.

  2. UTLaw Says:

    Sounds like they built on what Professor Instapundit wrote and told us in class: “I’d be delighted to live in a country where happily married gay couples had closets full of assault weapons.”

  3. Fiftycal Says:

    Think hair extensions.

  4. Jeff Says:

    I don’t see a problem with that. Sounds like a cool place to live.

  5. Phssthpok Says:

    The only problem I see with that scenario is that the marijuana field would be as commonplace as a back yard veggie plot (if not more so), and how much ‘defending’ do people need to do for those?

    (the point being that when everyone can grow their own, there’s no incentive to steal from another person’s grow)

  6. ern Says:

    Sounds like a beautiful world to me.

  7. Gunner Miller Says:

    A world were Twinkies never went bankrupt.

  8. Mu Says:

    Wouldn’t help, as no one would pay taxes the roads would be so bad the only way someone could attack the field would be with a tank anyway. Now once you can buy a bazooka in the 7/11 …

  9. Ron W Says:

    Indirect taxing is OK, Mu. Of course, I’m a Constitutional libertarian….not an anarchist.

  10. Bram Says:

    Where is this paradise? As long as they stay off my lawn, I’m in.

  11. Geodkyt Says:

    Basic black Wookie suit, with pearls?

    @Brigid :
    April 22nd, 2013 at 8:42 pm
    I think one might need the wookie suit in both dressy and business casual.

  12. Matthew Carberry Says:

    There will always be those who would rather steal than work; so the “defending” angle stands.

  13. twinkie pockolypse Says:

    “A world were Twinkies never went bankrupt.”

    The trademarks were bought in bankruptcy. Manufacture of Twinkies, et al, is proceeding as planned. On your store shelves in a few months.

  14. rickn8or Says:

    A little massaging here: “In a #libertarian future, married #LGBT couples could buy assault rifles online with #Bitcoin from Internet sales of their marijuana field produce.”

  15. HerrBGone Says:

    Works fer me!

  16. Tam Says:

    Married gay couples should be able to smoke all the tax-free dope they want in their walk-in gun safes.

  17. Jeffersonian Says:


    (shakes bowcaster)

    Srsly, they’d make hella better neighbors than any other place I’ve ever lived.

  18. Todd Says:

    Sounds like a nice world to me.

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