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My opinion, the fix is in

There will be a gun bill and, now, it’s just mitigation.

The house has a gun bill ready. And here’s the plan. The bills will create a registry. And a lot more here what is a gun show or whatever.

But the interesting bit is that SAF’s Alan Gottlieb is cool with the bill. The interesting thing is that Gottlieb’s group claims to have had a hand in drafting it. This would represent a sea change in the gun rights movement. Usually, when there will, by God, be gun control, it’s written by NRA. And this is a substantial departure from that. Now, the bill, as it stands, does make some aspects of gun buying easier. You can buy a handgun out of state or guns over state lines. Just with a background check. The bill isn’t awful and concedes some of our points. I think we should go for more concessions before signing off on it. I still oppose it but it could be worse.

There will be gun control. Snoop Dogg and SNL said so. And pop culture is targeting people. It will fix some things for pro-gun folks. But there will be a bill called a gun control bill because we must do something for the children. Even if it wouldn’t have prevented any of the mass shootings that happened in the last decade or two. Symbolism and all.

But call your congress monkey and oppose it. Then, vote the bum out if he caves.

41 Responses to “My opinion, the fix is in”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    I saw a recent thing on Facebook showing the “16 Republicans who voted for gun control”. Both our (TN) Senators were on it. What did they vote for?

  2. Dave Says:

    Remember all those pissed off voters who stayed home in 2012. Yeah, lube up and bend over for the next four years. It’s going to get ugly.

  3. LKP Says:

    I already e-mailed both Corker and Alexander that if anything passes because of them we will vote them out when they run for re-election.

  4. Aaron Spuler Says:

    Luckily I’ve got Cruz and Cornyn on my side… Doesn’t stop me from calling them and stating my opinions even though they’re fighting the good fight though.

  5. cloaked in mystery Says:

    the 16 republicans voted for cloture on the motion to proceed, that is all.

    but as it appears, the fix is in, manchin-toomey will go through the senate unless the donks tack the AWB or mag ban on it, and then it will be refered to the house committees, where it likely will be further weakened, but ultimately passed in some form to let congresscritters save face

  6. sdo1 Says:

    SAF’s Gottlieb crows that he got so many ornaments placed on the “Christmas Tree” that it is a good bill. A polished turd is still a turd. This is registration, and registration will – must – lead to confiscation.

    SAF is wrong. It happens.

  7. ben Says:

    50% plus will not register. The law is worse than stupid.

  8. cloaked in mystery Says:

    self built will still be paperless, also nothing to stop small swap meets like the canuks used to bamboozle their registry.

    It is stupid, but stupid is about the only thing washington is capable of producing.

  9. TigerStripe Says:

    The Republicans will die a whimpering death if this passes, metaphorically speaking. I will vote Democrat because they actually say they’re for this and my Senators are Cruz and Cornyn as well… TS

  10. Anon Says:

    It’ll make the lefties happy to get something – anything – passed, it’ll piss off the solid pro-gun folks, the fudds ‘n’ friends not so much, maybe delay the civil war for a couple more years because the anal penetration will be done with “buying across state lines” as the lubricant.

    The major problem as I see it is that is lays the groundwork for future, much more restrictive gun control which will come right after the next crazy shoots someplace up.

    “Unalterably opposed” is my vote.

  11. TeeJaw Says:

    Itís supposed to contain a prohibition on creating a gun registry and contain actual and stiff penalties, including prison, for anyone using any transfer data to create a gun registry. If thatís true, and it has all the other goodies, interstate purchase, CCW as a badge of honor on a purchase, no gun registry, way for prohibited persons to get rights restored, no checks on transfers among family and friends, then it seems to be something any gun rights advocate should be thankful for. Because they are going to pass something. And it could be something that gives back nothing.

  12. ben Says:

    TeeJaw, if it indeed does that, and I no longer have to run a useless background check on my good friends, known law enforcement private customers, and ccw holders, and there’s no registry, then awesome.

  13. ben Says:

    … I get extra aggravated every time I have to call a background check in on either myself or a Washington State Patrol SWAT sniper. Total waste of my time.

  14. Seerak Says:

    Yeah sure, penalties for setting up a registry, that’ll work, because this administration has been such a rule-of-law exemplar. /sarc

  15. comatus Says:

    Sugar-coating works for a bitter pill.
    Spiked suppository, not so much.

  16. Motor-T Says:

    The penalties for starting a registry are as stiff as the penalties for international gun trafficking.
    Is anybody at Justice being prosecuted for Fast & Furious?
    Who would be responsible for prosecuting a justice department official for violating the registry prohibition? Oh.

    “That’s not a registry. It’s just an improvement of the tracing system that we’ve had in effect for decades.”

  17. Bryan S. Says:

    TeeJaw: Following the law kept all those guns from going to Mexico too!

    Ive got Toomey and Casey to call. Yeah… thats going to go real well. Casey has a B+ in the voting scheme rating system the NRA has. Toomey was supposedly a Tea Party backed candidate.

    But it comes down to what it does in PA. Is it better to be screwed by a donkey or an elephant?

  18. Bubblehead Les Says:

    All I know is, the Senate plans to Screw us, but M-T does put on a Condom.

    Fucking Progressives and their XVII Amendment!

  19. Geodkyt Says:

    About the only goodies that would have made this palatable would be universal CCW reciprocity (all 50 states, DC, & territories) and a repeal of 922(o).

    That would actually be a “compromise” — give us something substantial (and proven harmless to the peace) in exchange for the something substantial the haters want.

  20. wizardpc Says:

    the 16 republicans voted for cloture on the motion to proceed, that is all.

    And if they hadn’t, the bill would have died right then and there. So yes, they voted for gun control.

  21. JayeRandom Says:

    The gun control advocates deserve nothing, and they should get nothing. Any “progress” for their cause will encourage them to keep going. If we shut this down now and give them nothing, perhaps some of them will finally get the message and go find other leftist causes to support.

  22. montieth Says:

    This bill would have died? Maybe. The question is what other bills would not have?

    Gura’s claim to have been involved in this closely is interesting and has me having a hard time figuring what to think.

  23. montieth Says:

    Ack, sorry. Gottlieb. Wrong Alan.

  24. mike w. Says:

    Putting in a provision saying the government can’t create a registry is useless. The government isnt going to prosecute any of their own for breaking that law.

  25. ben Says:

    There’s a difference between the government creating a defacto registry, and passing a law requiring everyone to actively register their firearms. This may allow the former, but they don’t get the latter. Still sucks.

  26. FedUp Says:

    Another law cant be good. And, what about the Medical Portion of the bill? GREAT article in American Thinker explaining the danger.

    Gun Control Derangement Syndrome

  27. Charles lovell Says:

    Best check out Kopel at Volokh, boys and girls:

  28. Ron W Says:

    The ATF has repeatedly shown itself to be a lawless and rogue agency, SO the Republican House leadership should say, no gun bill will be considered until there is a FULL ACCOUNTING for Fast and Furious with those responsible prosecuted accordingly.

  29. Peter Says:

    When pondering any new law, consider how your worst enemy could use it against you.

  30. J1 Says:

    “Itís supposed to contain a prohibition on creating a gun registry and contain actual and stiff penalties, including prison, for anyone using any transfer data to create a gun registry”

    That Instapundit post said it SHOULD have such a prohibition, not that it actually does. If anyone has a copy of the bill with that provision in it, I’d like to see it.

  31. ed Says:


    Actually the best analysis I’ve seen essentially states that the loopholes are big enough to drive an aircraft carrier through it. As an example there is a prohibition from the Attorney General from operating a national registry … but nothing says that some other agency other than DoJ can not operate one. Such as HHS.

    So forth and so on. Basically this is a screw job.

    Toomey is dead to me.

  32. apetra Says:

    Add CCW reciprocity and I’ll support it.

    Then, I’ll spend my tax refund on a round trip ticket to Salt Lake City.

  33. Rob.G Says:

    I don’t believe that Gottlieb and the CCRKBA have sold us out.

    I just don’t believe it’s in his nature.

  34. David E. Young Says:

    Gun control laws are violations of the Constitution because “shall not be infringed” restrictive language is the equivalent of ‘no laws shall be passed’.

    For examples of the Bill of Rights Era Framers’ usage, see:

  35. David E. Young Says:

    The missing link from above:

  36. David E. Young Says:

    The URL for the missing link is:

  37. A.Nonymous Says:

    What about the elephant in the room?

    What gives Congress the authority to lay claim to such a power without a prior Amendment to the Constitution allowing them to do so?

    Yes, I know that the books are filled with de facto and de jure violations of the Constitution… but, this one is pretty blatant.

  38. MaureenTheTemp Says:

    The left has far better lawyers than we do. The way the bill is written it does in fact completely screw us. Go read the article at The Volokh Conspiracy (“The ďPro-GunĒ Provisions of Manchin-Toomey are Actually a Bonanza of Gun Control”) to see what a complete idiot Gottleib is. And depress yourself completely.

  39. DonM Says:

    Republicans who know guns get bamboozled by Democrats who know law. The only cure for it is to drop off the grid.

    Guns are 14th century technology. In the 13th century we had a perfect ban on gun violence. It was in response to the horrific conditions of that time that the gun was invented. The gun made it so the bigger, stronger, and richer still had to be polite.

    Of course those who support the bigger, the stronger, and the richer are still opposed to the gun.

  40. MingoV Says:

    My two questions:

    Who bought off Gottlieb and/or the SAF?

    What deals were cut with the Republican Congressmen who support this horrendous bill? (Especially since many of them come from states that strongly support gun rights.)

  41. TigerStripe Says:

    The bill is horrendous. Ayotte and McCain are supposedly still undecided, their offices need to be contacted. Toomey could use a flood of emails or calls to his offices in PA as he is being moved to a more pimp office due to his “bipartisan” stance. TS

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