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With gun nuts hoarding bullets, will cops be disarmed?

Seems the cops can’t find ammo either because we’re buying it all. In other news, capitalism.

35 Responses to “Yes”

  1. Siergen Says:

    I wonder, will the current ammo-shortage spur any manufacturers to spend money to expand,and will this cost them when demand returns to normal?

  2. J T Bolt Says:

    Sheesh, I hope so.

  3. Jeff Powell Says:

    The demand is not going to return to “normal”. This run on guns and ammo is not just a response to the Sandy Hook shooting but a storm of many other concerns. If you have not noticed the United States is heading (how quickly I do not know) to some sort of civil war/ massive riot.

    Those who think this is the case (a growing number) purchase things to prepare for such a situation. On top of that survivalist shows (like walking dead) get people thinking how they would get by if the shit did hit the fan.

    The economy also spurs on these fears. Long story short the ammo demand in this country will not return to 2011 levels.

  4. poobie Says:

    You know, I actually overheard some Northport PoPos griping about this the other day at bojangles, though in this case, the guys in question were griping about not being able to get ball to practice for some sort of matches.

  5. Brad Says:

    At first I thought the link was a parody description. Nope, a word for word headline from the lunatics at; that figures.

  6. c.baber Says:

    so is homeland security getting all the ammo i read they have purcased or is it backordered??

  7. Bobby Says:

    I dont get it.
    Its an article about supply and demand, on a semi-political site, and the first 10 comments talk about the size of peoples privates?

  8. cloaked in mystery Says:

    even if manufacturers expand capacity they will have trouble keeping up, component supplies are low, and building more machines to form bullets bras and primer parts takes time.

    realistically adding more production capacity to factorys will take many months or even years, and will only happen if the high demand continues.

    Manufacturers are not going to spend hundreds of millions to buy machines without a sustained demand.

  9. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Well,if the Cops don’t have any Ammo “to protect us all,” and the Civilians are buying it all up, then perhaps those Civilians who are now protecting themselves and their Families don’t NEED the Cops?

    All I can tell you is that one of my Local Gun Shops tells me that 80% of the Sales that he is making is to First-Time Gun Buyers who want SOMETHING for “Just-in-Case” Scenarios.

    But the down side is the classic Economic Theory of Capitalism: if Supply is Low, Prices will be High and Availability will be Limited.

    But I think we are also reaching a Tipping Point where it doesn’t matter how many Guns one Buys nor what Caliber nor the reason to buy them in the First Place; it doesn’t do you any good if there is NO Ammo to Feed them.

    And the Reloading alternative is drying up also. Just try to get Bullets, Brass, Powder, etc.

    So until the Panic ends and the Ammo Manufacturers can catch up, I see only 2 Strategies to follow.

    A) If you can get it and can afford it, buy it now. Yeah it may drop in price a year from now, or it could be like Gasoline after the “Energy Crisis” of the 1970’s. Prices went up AND stayed up, even after Supply was restored to Normal.

    B) Use an Alternative for your Needs, i.e., 20 gauge instead of 12, .17 HMR instead of .22LR, .270 instead of .308, etc. Until THEY dry up, also.

    And if the Cops can’t get enough Ammo to Spray Down Pickup Trucks in Kalifornia, Too Fucking Bad.

  10. Tam Says:

    “‘Buy‘ our hats? We ladies of Boston have our hats.”

  11. Kristophr Says:

    Feature, not bug.

    police shouldn’t be armed anyway. If guns are needed, they should deputize passersby.

  12. Firehand Says:

    “It’s all because the gun nuts are panicking and stupid; after all NOBODY wants to ban anything EXCEPT…”
    You can make your own list of all the “Ban everything” quotes; easy enough to find.

    Unless you’re a writer at Slate, it seems.

  13. Ron W Says:

    Most of the hoarding is being done by the Federal Gov’t:

  14. Ron W Says:


    Good points re: alternate calibers.

    From what I’ve seen, acquiring a good basic bolt-action rifle in 30.06 would be a prudent move. I’ve seen quite a bit of that ammo here and there.

  15. bob smith Says:

    The police can do two blast of a double barreled shotgun and it will scare the criminals away or they can use a pair of scissors.

  16. Billll Says:

    Noted the same thing at the local Wally World. Suggested to my legislators that they might petition the Prez when he comes here this Wednesday to transfer some of the DHS hoard to local LEOs.

  17. Tam Says:


    As cites go, Infowars ranks somewhat lower than Chariots Of The Gods on the credibility scale.

  18. Paul Says:

    Yes I feel the shortage is ‘manufactured’ by the federal government, mainly DHS. Why? Partially gun control and partially as Obamacare and the national debt keeps on their destructive paths they worry about riots.

    Hence the 1300 armored cars they bought.

  19. Tam Says:


    Sixteen, thirteen-hundred, twenty-seven-hundred… Who’s counting? And why bother, when you’re just making shit up, anyway?

  20. Renegade Says:

    As much as I can sympathize with the shortages of ammo, some of the local popo and feds have been selling the ammo they are supposed to be “practicing” with and pocketing the cash. This activity intensified when prices went up and now there is a “shortage”. Most of the guilty parties never use the range ammo they were issued anyway, and hey – it’s a quick buck (per round of .223)!

    The lack of practice tells.

  21. Crotalus Says:

    Considering that some cops are incompetent, and others downright malicious, that’s a good thing.

  22. Ron W Says:


    Negative assertions and clever putdowns aside, have you some evidenced refutations, can you cite some facts from sources “as sites go”, re: DHS ammo “personal defense weapons” and armored personnel carrier purchases?

    Although I suppose Barry can blame Bush for DHS, I’m not convinced that the Obama is the loving “liberal” that many think.

  23. Ron W Says:


    Another “Chariots of the Gods” citation:

  24. Ron W Says:

    And yet another “Chariots of the Gods” site:

    Tam, think maybe Janet Napolitano is a “reliable source”?

  25. Robert Says:

    Not saying that I/W is right, but I do remember that Nation Enquirers rep was none too good and they broke the John Edwards story.

  26. Ron W Says:

    Robert, Good point. I suppose other sources saying the same thing could be wrong too, but: “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” —Albert Einstein

  27. Ron W Says:


    Here is an intelligent young, uniformed DHS man detailing one of the armored vehicles:

    If our government is and has been “fighting them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here”,I’m wondering why they need these here…especially with “sequestration” and all of its dire budget cuts?

  28. LKP Says:

    Oh!, the irony and bad choices. I bought 4 boxes of 9mm in January from Palmetto State Armory at 15.50 a box (including shipping) to top off my stock. I haven’t been able to get any since. Should have bought more. I have plenty of 40 but don’t shoot it as much because it is/was more expensive. Now 9mm is seldom available and is running about 29.99 when it is available and yet my local Wal-Mart has had in 40 Winchester white box for 19.99 several times lately.

  29. Brad Says:

    Re: DHS & MRAP

    False alarm.

    I was under the same misperception. After a conversation this evening with a friend who was skeptical, I dug this up.

    Discussion here

  30. Incurvatus Says:

    I guess Chief Wiggam shouldn’t have blown his budget on all that diesel and insurance for his new tanks.

  31. LKP Says:

    “I guess Chief Wiggam shouldn’t have blown his budget on all that diesel and insurance for his new tanks.”


    And don’t forget the donuts!

  32. Brad Says:

    Last time I went to Walmart, they only had a few calibers left on the shelf. Some shotgun ammo, some 30-06 ammo and boxes and boxes of Winchester .38 Super!

  33. SteveA Says:

    Our local wally world always has lots of 12ga and most common bolt gun ammo(.243, .270, .300 etc)
    Semi auto rifle ammo couple times a week but it goes fast when they get .223/5.56 or 7.62×39 it lasts just a few hrs, even at only 3 boxes per customer.
    22lr goes like crazy, they had 220 bricks that lasted about 3hrs.
    They have been getting 1-4 AR’s once or twice a week.

  34. TigerStripe Says:

    I bought a few boxes of 135gr Hydra-Shok at WalMart Thursday. The clerk said they had also received a shipment of WWB that day but that it was already gone. They had some .223 but in relative terms I needed the 9mm more than the .223…


  35. ern Says:

    Local Walmart’s been empty save for occasional .380, and some assorted rifle ammo (usually just a few boxes). 12 gauge has been in stock. Last week at a nearby indoor range, people had to be turned away because they were expecting to pick up 9mm and .45acp to shoot, and they didn’t have any. They were prioritizing the range over counter sales, and it was basically going as fast as it was coming in.

    I picked up some .45 on Lucky Gunner a few weeks back, and (with shipping) paid about $10/box or so more than I usually did. Not horrible, but not great. For some reason when I’ve been seeing 9mm, it’s running about as expensive as .45. That seems crazy to me.