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Newtown shooting report

State attorney releases info on the shooting. It took a while but here’s the release. And here’s the news story. And here’s the pants shitting hysterics version. He got the gun from his mom by shooting her in the face. If only there was a background check before shooting someone in the face. Seems his mom had a gun safe but the shooter managed to get into it because kids have little else to do other than pay attention.

Here’s a summary. He tried to buy guns but could not since he was prohibited so the background check worked there. He fired 155 rounds. No mention of that shotgun that could fit in a glove box and took 70 rounds. I have to get one of those.

He had 9 30 round magazines, 3 were still full.

But let’s pass all these laws that wouldn’t have stopped him.

15 Responses to “Newtown shooting report”

  1. Cargosquid Says:

    So, he fired 155.
    out of 6 magazines. 3 were still full.

    So he fired about 25 rounds out of each magazine.

    Where does this come from?
    “So, he fired 65 rounds out of 6 magazines.”

    I mean…limited mags means he would have just reloaded about 15 times….adding an entire 2 seconds each time to his total.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Damn, I totally fudged that. Epic brain fart. Deleted. Thanks.

  3. Cargosquid Says:

    The numbers are odd.

    Magazines and rounds found three 30 and three empty- 0; One each 10, 11, 13, and 15 rounds on the gun.

    154 shell casings found.
    139 rounds left.

    Making total round count: 293 for ten 30 round mags.

    Doesn’t really mean anything…but its strange. Maybe he ran out of ammo when loading up?

  4. Ron W Says:

    Let’s REPEAL the law that allowed it to happen, the Federal Gun Free School Zones.

    In that virtually all of these mass-murder shootings take place in “gun-free zones”, that is the only “common sense” thing for Congress to do AND the only thing for which it has “delegated powers”, beyond which it may do NOTHING.

    But if The President and Congress want to keep schools “gun-free” then according justice and equality, make the White House and Congress gun-free!!

  5. Crotalus Says:

    Biden even admits that these laws won’t stop future mass shootings, leaving us with the only possible conclusion: they mean to disarm us for government control.

    Why else would DHS be

  6. Crotalus Says:

    That was supposed to be, “Why else would DHS be gearing up for war with us?”

  7. Brad Says:

    Well, the latest information does knock down somewhat my online claims that Adam the dead twerp could have inflicted the same carnage with a single shot.

    The initial reports said Lanza fired about 100 rounds over twenty minutes. I said to some online PSHysterics that a breech loading single-shot has an aimed rate of fire of five rounds per minute and could have fired the same number of shots as the AR-15 did.

    Now the police claim that psycho-boy fired over 150 shots in less than five minutes. That’s too fast for a single shot, but an M-1 rifle could easily match that.

  8. SRMC Says:

    So when are Di-Fi and Harry Reid going to work on closing the “shoot your mother in the face and steal her guns loophole?”

  9. Ed Says:

    He failed BG check? Press release says otherwise:

    “The guns used in the shootings were apparently all purchased by the shooter’s mother. There is currently no indication that the shooter attempted to purchase the guns and was denied.”

    BG check did not “work” because the firearms were stolen. Another reason BG checks are useless.

  10. wastme Says:

    Simply amazing how violent video games and movies got a get out of jail free card on this. Nobody can convince me that it doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    Make sure you do see the new GI Joe movie in IMAX 3D. And what’s it rated? pg-13.

  11. wastme Says:

    Wouldn’t that pretty much be pandering weapons use to kids. And they a big deal about Joe the camel and smoking.

  12. mikee Says:

    Last night on Piers Morgan (it was on while I was on the treadmill at the gym – sort of a forced viewing) he made the statement that Lanza had more than 1600 rounds at his home – and that stopping gun owners from having so many rounds should be done.

    My son, working out there with me, asked me how many I had. I have more than that in several calibers each.

    Don’t tell Piers, he might have fit.

  13. JFM Says:

    So, he had a ‘.323 Enfield Albanian bolt action rifle’
    Is this the press’s way of saying 8mm Mauser?

  14. Sigivald Says:

    wastme said: Simply amazing how violent video games and movies got a get out of jail free card on this. Nobody can convince me that it doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    Well, your idee fixee is your problem, I guess.

    I prefer to demand evidence before believing in something rather than get an idea and say that nobody can possibly convince me it’s false, you know?

    See, teh big problem is that nearly everyone watches violent movies, and an immense number of people play video games that have violence in them.

    So if there’s an effect there, it’s pretty damned subtle, because it sure doesn’t seem to affect most people at all – the US violent crime rate has dropped in half since 1992, according to the UCR.

    There’s a stronger case for “violent video games reducing violence, given that factoid.

  15. TigerStripe Says:

    There is likely an effect by violence in movies and games on people who are disposed to commit such acts. I doubt there is a causal link between them though.


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