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@JimCarrey: Which has killed more children? Anti-vaccine hysteria or my guns?

Vaccines are a corporate conspiracy!!!!111eleven. So, let’s take him seriously on guns.

Or, Hell, anti-vaccine hysteria or Adam Lanza.

17 Responses to “@JimCarrey: Which has killed more children? Anti-vaccine hysteria or my guns?”

  1. Alan Clontz Says:

    I will bet neither. “Your guns” haven’t killed any children. I will wager my last dollar that. As for anti-vaccine hysteria I don’t recall anybody running screaming from a hospital because there was vaccine in there .There is possible fatalities from the refusal to inoculate children and then they get sick and die. But I have not seen any statistics in that direction.

  2. chiefjaybob Says:

    I am simply mystified as to why these dancing monkeys think they have a louder voice than any of the rest of us. What is it about making funny faces and obnoxious noises that qualifies him to speak knowledgably about firearms or vaccines or anything except obnoxiuos noises. Get back in your box monkey, you’re not entertaining me right now.

  3. billo Says:

    To Alan Clontz:

    See:here for a count of anti-vaccine-related deaths.

    See also:
    Lancet. 1998 Jan 31;351(9099):356-61. Impact of anti-vaccine movements on pertussis control: the untold story.Gangarosa EJ, Galazka AM, Wolfe CR, Phillips LM, Gangarosa RE, Miller E, Chen RT.

    This article focused on the rates of pertussis rather than deaths, but associated studies have shown that as the incidence increase, deaths increase.

  4. Doubting Rich Says:

    “I will bet neither … I have not seen any statistics in that direction.”

    You would not make a good gambler. Never bet on a horse without knowing the form. That you have not seen the odds does not make the donkey evens with the horse in the race.

  5. Jim Scrummy Says:

    Jim who? Is he even remotely funny anymore?

  6. Rick Caird Says:

    @Doubting Rich

    I just had to pick up your comment to put in my favorite quotes file. It will turn out to be quite useful as people are quite fond of offering uninformed opinion. Too bad I had to mark it as “anonymous”.

  7. Sparky Says:

    Who cares what a washed-up actor says.

  8. DevildogTrip Says:

    Jim Carrey is still alive? Who knew?

  9. Ron W Says:

    I agree with Carrey on vaccines, but he should be consistent. The government working with corporations (fascism) shouldn’t tell me what I must put in my body or what I choose to acquire, keep and carry to protect my body!

  10. Mu Says:

    As long as you don’t mind that those of us who vaccinate to protect the public from transmittable diseases use our guns to protect our bodies from people like you, go ahead. Of course, you can only leach of the herd immunity so long, so when you win and your attitude becomes main stream you might be busy using your guns to keep away all the other little disease vectors.

  11. chris Says:

    I never cared for the guy at all.

    Based on his tweets, he seems like a jerk.

  12. Ron W Says:


    If you’re vaccinated then you’re protected from me. I choose to be selective about vaccines, what, when and how often and in multiple doses.

    Unlike so-called liberals like Carrey who want the hired guns to disarm the rest of us and violate whatever other rights are necessary, I’m “pro choice” on ALL the Bill of Rights even those in the 9th Amendment.

    “Timid men prefer the calm of depotism to the tempestous sea of liberty.”–Thomas Jefferson

  13. carver Says:

    Keep track of the stupidity…

  14. Mu Says:

    Ron, you’re mistaken on why vaccinations are so effective. It’s NOT the individual protection, that reaches only 90% in most cases. It’s that if 90% or so are vaccinated nearly all outbreaks will stay contained in their small local area. Instead of one case of measles closing down a school by blooming into hundreds, you might see one or two other cases, and then no more. Look at the data from the UK where a lot of people became “selective” in their vaccination choices – and learned that measles can be damn non-selective.

  15. Adam Lawson Says:

    I stole this and tweeted a variation at him this morning after seeing the headline; we should make this a thing we do to anti-gun hypocrites. I mean, they LOVE to point out anything they think is hypocritical (and are usually wrong there too!)

  16. Will Says:

    Looks like no one actually read the old article written by Carrey. I see no problem with his thoughts on the possible problems with vaccines here in the US. He is thoughtful and not coming across as a loony tune. However, on the subject of guns, he IS an absolute loony tune. Nobody is perfect. But, I’m still not going to spend my money on his stuff, even though I have liked some of his work.

    The fact of the matter is that if you are going out of your way to make me cognizant of your stance on an important subject, it behooves me to act accordingly. In other words, be prepared to pay a price for holding illogical thoughts, and telling the world about it.

  17. al hunt Says:

    to answer your question, don’t know how many your gun has , I am gonna say 0 since you are not in jail, as for jim “baby killer” carrey’s anti-vacine crusade, from june 2007 til march 2013 total 1121 , they average a sandyhook a month right now, sad news the number is going up. people please stop listening to idiots like this, they do not live in the real world or deal with facts.