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MagPul to Colorado: We’re out

They’re pulling up shop and sending $80M in economic activity elsewhere. Mag production to be moved in 30 days. We’ll take you in Tennessee. And my offer is still good.

9 Responses to “MagPul to Colorado: We’re out”

  1. HiddenHills Says:

    I would be happy to do their Project Management Office, also for a while, for snacks & gas (I’m a bit more broker than Unc).

  2. David Says:

    We’ll see if they really do leave. That was a rather non committal statement from them – multi state company now. Remember all the Remington threats up there in NY? Guess who is still there after the SAFE act?

  3. deadcenter Says:

    My guess is magazine production moves out of state. Non-magazine production stays in Colorado. There are a few reasons to stay at least temporarily; not everyone can up and move on 30 to 90 days notice, there are houses to sell and kids in schools and spouses with jobs of their own to think about.

  4. TheOtherLarry Says:

    I hear there’s some property for sale next to Barrett :O)

  5. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Actually, if they do go Multi-State, I hope they buy enough Land at each Location so that, if need be, they can build more capacity if their new plant in another State gets hosed because that State goes “Bat-Shit Fucking Insane” like Colorado did.

    It’s the old “Don’t put your Eggs in one Basket” rule.

  6. chris Says:

    This makes me feel good all over.

    I would feel better if all firearms-related companies (a) that are located in states which resemble internment camps would move to more 2A hospitable states, and (b) cease doing business with anti-2A states (including selling to their law enforcement agencies).

  7. Aaron Johnson Says:

    Love to see Magpul come to Indiiana!

  8. TigerStripe Says:

    Colt is making it known that they may leave Connecticut. That would be nice…


  9. rjp Says:

    Maybe if Joe Manchin wasn’t such an asshole, they might have moved to West Virginia.