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Gabby Giffords AR-15

So, her hubby went and bought an AR. Got caught. Says it was his plan all along to turn it in, which is BS.

Now, here’s a photo of Gabby holding an AR-15 at a range. You can tell it’s real because she’s smiling.

They’re not anti-gun. They just don’t want you to have one.

26 Responses to “Gabby Giffords AR-15”

  1. Joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1) Says:

    It seems they are about publicity than anything else. Being a former astronut wasn’t getting him enough attention.

  2. Blue Waters Says:

    She just has no other way of making money now. So her husband manipulates her, now that she has been robbed of her mental faculties, into being the walking/breathing “appeal to emotion” to front their new anti-gun group.

  3. Joe Mama Says:

    Oh she’s making money. She’s on Federal Workmans Comp which is right around her normal salary. It will go on probably forever.

  4. TigerStripe Says:

    She is a walking version of Jim Brady. She could have kept that congressional seat in perpetuity and let her aides run it like most of them do anyway…


  5. comatus Says:

    She says she can’t shoot now because of that right arm. Don’t bullshit me. I know Israel del Toro.

    They’re running an f-class in smallbore at the Western Wildcat, just up the road from her. As we speak. She’s fresh out of excuses.

  6. orbitup Says:

    “They’re not anti-gun. They just don’t want you to have one.”

    Just like any good liberal.

  7. Blue Waters Says:

    I bet she or her husband pulls a nice check from that gun control PAC they formed.

  8. Jim Says:

    He’s a Senior Officer in the U.S. Navy. Traditionally, the most liberal Officer’s Corps amongst the Uniformed Services.

    The Navy, being the “Senior Service” in the Armed Forces, fosters a very, very elitist mindset in that branch, and Annapolis grads are the most rarefied-air-breathing “ring knockers” extant.

    Mr/s Giffords, by definition of his career track, likely never fired or qualified on the Stoner platform any more than a dozen times in a 20+ year career. Likely, fewer.

    Being a Flight Officer, he undoubtedly did remain qualified on the (Vietnam era) S&W .38 revolver, then on to whatever semi-auto pistols the U.S. Navy opted to furnish to it’s aircrews.

    And, aside from SERE school, that’s about the extent of his exposure to being “under arms” in his career.

    Yet, he speaks as an expert on arms and self-defense, because he has a career as Military (Navy) Officer?

    No. Not just no, but HELL NO.

    I won’t let a libtard speak well of the man in my presence, without me forcibly responding per the above info.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  9. jdrush Says:

    Why does it look like it has a pin for an autosear?

  10. emdfl Says:

    Because it IS an FA. Picture from her 2010 campaign. She went to the local p[opo’s and said she needed to look more something or other and could they show her how to shoot and M-6. Local popo’s were happy yo oblige. Full story is over at Breitbart.

  11. Bram Says:

    Mark Kelly makes me sick – allowing his wife (a pro-gun Blue-Dog before her brain injury) to be used like that.

    He is scum.

  12. chris Says:

    Kudos to whoever caught Mark Kelly buying the gun.

    Can we all say “BUSTED!”?

    The same guy who pimps his wife as a prop for anti-gun legislation in Congress gets caught buying the very rifle it will outlaw.

    Seeing a picture of him, wearing a pulled down baseball cap, doing the paperwork to buy an AR-15 was like Santa coming early for me.

    This completely eviscerates their ability to continue trotting Gabby out as a prop for their gun-grabbing legislation.

  13. Standard Mischief Says:

    >Oh she’s making money. She’s on Federal Workmans Comp which is right around her normal salary. It will go on probably forever.

    She resigned after just over 5 years (January 3, 2007 – January 25, 2012). Guess how long it takes to be 100% vested in the Congressional pension plan?

    Since I’m sure it’s a pretty sweet deal, I’d probably do likewise if in her shoes.

  14. E Says:

    Look at the target she was shooting at… looks like a teen with a firearm and she’s ear to ear “killing” the target.

  15. secede Says:

    sic semper tyrannis

    /too soon?

  16. JAG2955 Says:

    Let’s not paint all Annapolis grads with such a broad brush, Jim. This one is quite conservative.

  17. TS Says:

    My theory is that Giffords/Kelly aren’t really into the gun control thing, but are facing immense political pressure, possibly directly from Obama. If this is the way Mark Kelly feels, why wasn’t he speaking up for gun control right after his wife got shot? How come it took the whole party mobilizing before they said anything? The banner know they need to put Giffords in the spotlight.

    What do you make of this line from Giffords?

    Gabby Giffords: “I guess the intention of those who have publicized these photos is to somehow call into question my belief that military style assault weapons should be more strongly regulated with background checks and other safeguards.”

    More background checks and safeguards? So that is explicitly saying that she doesn’t want them banned- just more “safeguards” for citizens to own them. Huh.

  18. Rivrdog Says:

    “They’re not anti-gun. They just don’t want you to have one.”

    Right,and that is the official position of the entire Democratic Party.

    While the GOP sleeps, while the NRA sleeps, while the Nation sleeps, the Democratic Party quietly adopted the anti-2A position as a star part of their platform. Since they have the Senate and White House now, that’s not an inconsiderable threat to the 2A.

    No, it’s not just a few fringies on the Left anymore, it’s the entire Party we have to overcome (as well as our own GOP, which doesn’t want this fight). This is going to take some work, and the NRA, even if they knew how to do it, can’t be stretched that far. We had better pull our heads out of the sand or other dark place and realize that we have a fight for the very Constitution on our hands. If the Democrats can succeed in trashing the Second Amendment, they can then take down the entire document at will.

    We fight them now, and win with the soap box and ballot box, and we we get a bonus: the Senate back in a year and a half. We lose now and we’re down to the Cartridge Box, and my research tells me that there is no stomach for that type of fight and we’d lose there, too.

  19. BK Says:

    I thought using a strawman buy was illegal? He wasn’t buying it for himself? He was going to turn it over to police? WTF? Thats illegal

  20. Jim Says:

    @ JAG2955,

    With apologies for splattering you with that brush, the broadness of it remains generally true, insofar as percentages of illogically liberal Field Grade and Flag Rank officers.

    As an Annapolis grad, surely you’ve witnessed such while aboard in various wardrooms, and even worse when ashore with Desk Captains of all tonnages.

    I was USAF, and won’t say that I saw much better there, I assure you.

    Marines seem to have the right formula: “Every Man a Rifleman”.

    Myself, I think that if everyone in the .Mil had to qualify with small arms 2x annually, and had a bayonet dummy outside the duty office, on which they had to attack at least once a week, would help to (though not fully) restore the Martial spirit among our Chairborne Ranges. The REMFs really do need to do an annual tour with bleeding edge troops, (or at least front echelon support types), so that they keep in mind who they’re supporting.

    But, I’ll reiterate. It’s the Naval tradition of white tablecloth wardrooms, white-gloved stewards and other such trappings of Pecksniffian elitism, that evolves too many senior Naval Officers to truly believe that they’re “more special”, than the rest of us.

    Then, they carry that snootiness on into Civilian life, and voila; Mark Kelly, Capt., USN, Ret.

    To repeat, yep, I can name a passel of similar USAF douchebags (not you, Rivrdog!), but nothing quite compares to the starched, ironed and buttoned down Brass Tampon wardroom of a peacetime, politicized Naval Officer’s Command.

    Recall our early days of WW-II, when the first six months of the war involved booting many peacetime bootlickers from command, in order to make room for some fire-eater Junior Officers who’d get the job done.

    That same disease is what makes the Wardroom dangerous when it produces the Mark Kelly’s of the .Mil, in all branches.

    That’s my $0.02 worth, and having read your comments often over the years, I know you’re not a part of the problem. Wish we had more like you, and fewer like Kelly.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  21. JAG2955 Says:

    I think that you more than made up for that with the Marine comment, Jim. One of the many reasons I selected the Corps.

  22. Brad Says:

    “They’re not anti-gun. They just don’t want you to have one.”

    I would go one step farther. The gun control movement isn’t about talking away your guns, though they do want that too. The real goal of the gun control movement is to persecute you. It’s really about putting you in jail, not taking away your guns. They intend to put you in your place as a member of the peasant class, and place themselves as your overlords.

    Gun-control isn’t about crime, it isn’t even about guns; gun-control is about Power.

    Giffords and Kelly are going to turn out to be very flawed tools for gun-control because of their rank hypocrisy. I’m still waiting for them to hand over their awful awful Glock pistols because of the 15 or 17 round magazines they likely possess. It’s just one more example of their blatant hypocrisy.

  23. Seerak Says:

    Gun-control isn’t about crime, it isn’t even about guns; gun-control is about Power.


    The Left sees the collective as all powerful and the individual as powerless. Since this is not true in reality, they must *make* it true culturally; they must convince everyone that they are helpless, powerless as individuals (but that they can become powerful by forming and identifying with groups, such as race.)

    Disarming them does more to achieve this goal than any other single action. Such people living in fear are a much easier sell for the police state.

    (It also has the bonus effect of facilitating all the other activities that the Left historically uses to disempower individuals; a Kristallnacht against armed targets is suicide.)

  24. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    The Army is the senior service actually….

  25. Ron W Says:

    The worst among us take from others what they keep for themselves and…


  26. Mu Says:

    As uncomfortable as she looks I give her the benefit of the doubt that it was staged. No wonder they didn’t use it for campaign purposes.

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