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Little league raffles off AR-15 to raise money, gives shitty writers excuse to use scare words.

They call it Raw Story because it’s never well done.

3 Responses to “OH MY GOD! GUNS HAVE VALUE”

  1. Don Gwinn Says:

    This is local to me, and the comments on the news story have been interesting. Overwhelmingly supportive, but with a few mixed in there . . . several of the naysayers actually expressed hope that the winner of the rifle won’t use it in a shooting spree.

    I just have to wonder how far out you have to get before you think that spree shooters arm themselves by buying a lot of raffle tickets and hoping they win.

  2. ProdigalSon Says:

    Thankfully, the stupid doesn’t burn anymore. I’ve already had all of the nerves endings fried.

  3. Dirk Says:

    I saw this, and the first comment I saw was: “OH MY GOD! I coach soccer here. If my club did that, I’d have no choice but to tender my resignation. This just baffles me.”

    I just *had* to post: “OMG!! I coach lacrosse here! If my club did that, I’d have no choice but to buy 10 tickets and hope I could find ammo for it if I somehow won it!”

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