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In gun control hysteria

DiFi: It’s legal to hunt humans with high capacity magazines. Well, we should ban them then!

The stupidity of the press, thinking this guy is an actual gun rights guy. That, or they think their readers are stupid.

DiFi again: Veterans have PTSD and shouldn’t have guns.

NASCAR should drop NRA sponsorship. Because, I guess, people who like race cars don’t like guns. Or something.

One Response to “In gun control hysteria”

  1. Lyle Says:

    It’s not that they’re stupid so much as they’re evil, and that they’ve taken leave of reason in favor of power-lust. It can happen to a person with a perfectly good brain and who knows right from wrong. They just chose wrong, and since they have chosen wrong, they need “liberation” from what is right so as to do wrong. It’s fairly simple. Youíre an oppressor in their minds. This is the essence of the term “liberal”.