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Soon to be banned in NY

It’s from 2010 but a kid took a deer with an air rifle.

9 Responses to “Soon to be banned in NY”

  1. Bill Twist Says:

    It already is banned in New York. You can’t legally hunt big game with an air rifle.

  2. Bryan S. Says:

    In PA you cant legally h8unt anything but paper with an air rifle. WTF?

  3. Jake Says:

    Well, air rifles are weapons of war, and as such have no place on our streets, y’know.

  4. bob r Says:

    Firearm or bow for “big” game in Washington State also. Airgun allowed for small game and some birds and for any varmints.

  5. Bill Says:

    Big bore airguns take big game regularly, including buffalo.

    They even take Cape Buffalo with them.

  6. John A Says:

    I was a bit surprised, I had not looked for [hunting] air rifles made in the US. I had only known of two firms in Germany still making them.

  7. Bryan S. Says:

  8. Ellen Says:

    Napoleon did not approve of air guns. To quote an air-gun history site,

    Due to the fact that high powered air guns were both silent and deadly, they were feared by many, Nobility tired to keep these air guns out of the hands of commoners (the poor). Air guns even saw battle, a Austrian Army used a air rifle designed by Grandoni in 1779 that shot 20 rounds of .44 cal. bullets at speeds as high as 1,000 feet per second. They did battle against Napoleon’s Army and even though the Austrian Army was out numbered and lost the battle, the Austrian Army armed with air guns demoralized Napoleon’s Army, Napoleon’s Army had a great number of casualties. Air guns were so feared by Napoleon’s Army that any enemy soldier captured with a air rifle was executed as a assassin.

  9. Standard Mischief Says:

    I was in Wal-Mart today and some clerk was walking by with an air rifle outside of the normal retail package.

    From the look in her eyes, I was looking at her like I had never seen a real gun in my life. In actuality, I was looking at her like she just swept the muzzle across my chest, because she did.

    First time I ever noticed a wal-mart that didn’t sell ammo too. Odd.