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I’ve said the NRA needs a new face. Well, looks like NRA news is getting Colion Noir on board:

4 Responses to “Cool”

  1. PT Says:

    Dude definitely made a name for himself on youtube.

    I can see him going places if done right.

  2. ern Says:

    It sucks, of course, that some of the things he says can only really be said by black people. They’re true, and we all ought to be able to say them. Like saying that gun violence is a culture problem. Coming out of my mouth, it’s far too easy for critics to just call me racist. Not so easy when the truth is coming out of his.

    So, it’s cool. I love his videos on Youtube. He’s far more articulate and on-point than most of the other pro-gun people on Youtube, who can (let’s be honest) sometimes be a bit embarrassing. I hope the NRA gives him a platform to keep doing his thing, but to a wider audience.

  3. Jeff Powell Says:

    I wish I had less bullets….said no one ever

    hahaha great job!

  4. tincankilla Says:

    this is great news – the NRA and the 2nd Amend community in general suffers from an “old white guy” problem in perception and in management. not only do they need younger people, but those with diverse backgrounds and women. this guy is right on target with his comments, especially because he can talk race and identity in a “post-racial” way (ie, its not about affirmative action and grievances, but about personal liberty and rights).

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