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Noted Gun Expert Joe Biden Law

A bill in NC telling you that Joe Biden’s advice is illegal

4 Responses to “Noted Gun Expert Joe Biden Law”

  1. TigerStripe Says:

    It should be a non-binding resolution not another gun law. There are already too many on the books.


  2. Tai Says:

    It doesn’t just say that you can’t shoot to scare someone (incite fear), it also says you can’t shoot to ‘do harm’. Wouldn’t that mean that it’s illegal to shoot someone who has broken into your house?

  3. Texas Jack 1940 Says:

    Tai is right. The way that thing is worded, you become a “Class E Felon” if you fire your weapon inside the house, even in self-defense. You can’t shoot that carjacker either.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Joe Biden (and most of those in Washington) seems to have learned everything he knows about guns from watching bad television.