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Following Noted Gun Expert Joe Biden’s advice will get you arrested

Man charged for firing shotgun in general direction of home invaders.

11 Responses to “Following Noted Gun Expert Joe Biden’s advice will get you arrested”

  1. Old NFO Says:

    No surprise, it’s illegal in ‘most’ states…

  2. Laughingdog Says:

    So “The Vice President said it was okay” isn’t a valid legal defense? Who knew?

  3. Justin Says:

    Sorry for the threadjack, however, a number of graphics have gone viral on the state level in Colorado.

    Here’s a small selection of some of them. (Note that some of them may be somewhat offensive.)

  4. Veeshir Says:

    That guy did it more safely than Biden suggested.

    He fired it in his own house and, according to the article, didn’t damage any other houses.

    Biden-style would result in a buck-shot rain in the neighborhood.

  5. Bram Says:

    His defense should subpoena Biden to testify at the trial.

  6. ElJefe Says:

    He probably used an evil assault pump shotgun.

  7. JKB Says:

    Silly man, doesn’t he know he isn’t part of the elite who get prosecutorial discretion? Now had he been a high Party member….

  8. GomeznSA Says:

    Ah but you see joe-joe the id(you know the rest) accidentally ‘forgot’ the most important part of his ‘brilliant’ home defense strategy: you must use blanks in your double barrel. That way you put no one at risk (except yourself of course)- and after all the noise is what puts the crooks to flight………….

  9. Gerry Says:

    I’m betting the popo don’t believe there was a break in.

  10. Huck Says:

    “Following Joe Biden’s advice will get you arrested”

    That was most likely what Blowhard Joe had in mind when he said that.

  11. Sid Says:

    Masked guys leaning in his open window who threatened him with a weapon…… and there was a bright light coming from the bottom of the flying saucer in his backyard. Oh, and the aliens and masked men were White Supramist Communist Islamists wearing shirts that read “Virginia is for killing lovers”…. and when he shot at them they yelled “I hate cops”…. that is exactly what happened officer.

    Look, if he had shot at burglars and missed I will support him. But making up a BS story because the polic arrive due to a noise complaint….