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More from noted gun expert Joe Biden

He said to use a shotgun and not an AR-15 because it’s too complicated, especially for women. Odd, since I’m sure he supports the recent allowing of women in combat. And those guns are even more complicated than AR-15s because they have one more position on the selector switch.

Also, he advised firing a couple of warning shots. Warning shots are almost always illegal.

And shotguns are used in more crimes than AR-15s.

2 Responses to “More from noted gun expert Joe Biden”

  1. Snackeater Says:

    Wait a minute–whaddya mean women in the military use M16’s? I thought our military was issued double-barreled shotguns because as everyone knows, they’re much more effective than an M16.

  2. JKB Says:

    No, but the women now being assigned to combat units will be given coach guns. It was good enough to get the stagecoach in to Dodge City and besides, those women will have trouble aiming their assault rifles.

    According to Joe. Funny, he was chairman of the Presidential task force on guns but seems not to have learned anything about guns. Well, at least anything that might cause him to question his superstitions and blind faith in people control.

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