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In Colorado

A democrat said that women who think they might get raped should use a whistle or at least wait until they’re “rape raped” before defending themselves. Now, one more genius democrat says use a ballpoint pen. I like my Tactical Pen but it’s what I carry onto airplanes or other places where I can’t have shooty things or stabby things.

And a college tells women that, to prevent rape, they should puke or pee on their rapist. Or, you know, increase the number of holes in their bodies.

7 Responses to “In Colorado”

  1. thrill Says:

    The only one who should be puking and peeing should the attempted rapist once he is put down.

  2. comatus Says:

    There you go, folks. Every time you feel your rights are being raped, just puke and piss. Tell ’em “Old Puke and Piss” Salazar sent you. And that you’re menstruating.

    I’m leaving the old “penis mightier” angle for the next competitor. Helps to have a running start sometimes.

  3. jay Says:

    and this guy has the temerity to claim he has no antiwomen policies.


  4. Justin Says:

    The Denver Post has a poll up and running about Salazar’s remarks.

    Currently the “Yes, the critics are right to be upset” answer is running somewhat behind the “No, people shouldn’t be offended” answer.

    It’s on the main page, partway down and to the right. There’s a picture of Joe Salazar (bald, glasses, trying really hard to grow a goatee) right above it.

  5. Mike Says:

    One angle these geniuses haven’t considered: What if the victim’s puking/peeing so enrages the rapist that he beats the victim severely or kills her?

    Unintended consequences and all that….

  6. Bill Says:

    And if a Republican said it, he’d be gone in an hour!

  7. TigerStripe Says:

    The “No” vote is winning on the Denver Post site. I honestly don’t believe he should apologize because he will not mean what he is saying in his apology.

    I hate all of the forces politically correct apologies these days whether I really happen to disagree with what was said or not…


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