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On the state push for gun control

Publicola is on to something

2 Responses to “On the state push for gun control”

  1. Brad Says:

    I don’t see any grand strategy behind the state level push for gun-control.

    I see it as just another example of the triumphalism the Democrats are suffering from since the 2012 election. The Democrats and their press allies have badly interpreted the results of the last election, they really believe they now achieved a center-left governing majority in the nation. Whereas in truth the Democrats are actually very weak, especially at the state level.

    They are pushing gun-control every place they can just because they can and because they have again fooled themselves that the public is in favor of gun-control and will reward them next election for pushing gun-control. The actual outcome is going to be a hardening of the increasing political divisions in this nation as a handful of blue states enact ever harsher blue policies while the rest of the states turn even more red. You will know things are getting to a dangerous point when people voting with their feet starts to get noticed by the press.

    Obama and the Democrats are advancing conditions for the next civil war.

  2. Anon Says:

    I think both Brad and Publicola are right. BUT, should Dems discover that they can leverage activity in the states, they’ll gear up for doing just that.

    Colorado has gone near-solid blue over the past couple decades, and that’s going to cost them a few companies, as those in or related to the gun biz, like Magpul, relocate. And, I’m sure a great many people in the Colorado legislature couldn’t care less if an outfit like Magpul leaves, and some probably think “good riddance.”

    Two things about that: First, those companies that move from an anti-gun state (think Magpul in CO, Remington in NY and S&W in MA, assuming they ever wise up) will never move back; second, anyone starting a company, especially in or related to the gun biz or in an area of business that the owner thinks may incur future legislative wrath won’t start in those states to begin with.

    Brad, above, points out that gun control is the hot item now, and that people will start voting with their feet. As a state goes more and more blue over time – Colorado is a very good example – business people will start questioning what the impact to their business will be as a particular state gets bluer. Dems are not known for being pro-business, and whether your biz is gun stuff or children’s toys, you’re going to ask yourself if this is the best state to have any kind of business in, or to expand an existing bsuiness. That will be the big motivator for “voting with your feet.”

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