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Ending reciprocity.

3 Responses to “In PA”

  1. MrSatyre Says:

    Didn’t bother to read the entire thing, but it seems to be only directed at Florida (at this time). I wonder why that is? Anyone know if the AG of PA is going to target other states as well? I live in VA and meander through WVA up to PA (so as to avoid MD) and have been—up till now—confident of my concealed carry in both states. guess I’ll be making phone calls next time my work takes me up there!

  2. Jim Scrummy Says:

    She’s revoking the non-resident Florida permit. She’s an anti-gunner with no courtroom experience. I left PA almost 20 years ago, use to think I’d move back someday. Not happening in this lifetime for me and my family.

  3. Mike Says:

    If you’re a Maryland resident, and you had hoped to carry in PA on a FL Non-Resident Permit, you are now officially foooked.

    I imagine she’ll go against all non-resident permits next.

    Man, the NOV election was sure a ray of sunshine, wasn’t it? All the cockroaches are now coming out into the light, no damn given.