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Obviously, compensating

for the size of your penis. Hey, if I could shoot my penis at 1,300 FPS and use it to incapacitate a bad guy, I wouldn’t need a gun!

6 Responses to “Obviously, compensating”

  1. Siergen Says:

    Sometimes, the inability to instantly form a mental image of something you’ve just read is a good thing. This is one of those times.

    In contrast, a friend of mine cannot help but form a detailed mental image of whatever he reads. I just forwarded this post to him. He will, of course, plot revenge on me for this… 😉

  2. Cargosquid Says:

    I am SOooooo glad that I put down my beer before I read this.

  3. Tirno Says:

    Why do I need a firearm? Because if the police arrive in response to my 911 call to find the home invader bleeding out on the floor, and they find out I did that with my penis, they’ll write it down as Aggravated Sexual Assault rather than Justifiable Homicide.

    The cops just aren’t receptive to the explanation of “Officer, I was in fear of my life so I dicked my assailant to death.”

  4. Veeshir Says:

    Hey, if I could shoot my penis at 1,300 FPS and use it to incapacitate a bad guy

    Yeah, but you only get one shot.

  5. wasntme Says:

    That would be pretty rough being a teenager. Thing would be going off left and right.

  6. BobG Says:

    If a gun really was a penis substitute, no guy would own a snubbie .38.

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