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So, Obama has popped a cap at least once

The president said he shot skeet all the time. “Sources” came out and said he shot it that one time at band camp. So, the president released a photo proving he had shot a shotgun at least once. On the facebook and interwebs, a bunch of people are making fun of him for his not so stellar shooting stance. Get over it. In the photo, it’s clear he’s not an experienced shooter. Hell, us regular shooters have looked like that at one time. But he’s shooting and good for him. Mr. President, anytime you want to go shooting rifles or handguns that hold more than a random number of rounds, let me know. We’ll work on that comfort zone and have you looking more comfortable on the friendly end of a heater.

Though, I am concerned that it looks like you have six fingers. I’d have that checked.

19 Responses to “So, Obama has popped a cap at least once”

  1. Paul Says:

    But personally I think the photo is kind of fake.

    Why does the top barrel seem to have some kind of insert that sticks out but the bottom barrel doesn’t?

    Looks like a blank adapter.

    Is Obama that much a pussy?

  2. Lazy Bike Commuter Says:

    …why would someone put a blank adapter in an O/U?

  3. ExurbanKevin Says:

    So last month, our President went to a range somewheres and fired a shotgun for a one-time photo op.

    And also last month, Prince Harry, third in line for the British throne, returned from Afghanistan where he killed Taliban with the rockets, missiles and chain gun on an Apache attack helicopter.

  4. Brian Says:

    The top barrel looks like it has an extended choke tube. An extended tube in 1 barrel makes me thing he’s probably shooting trap, not skeet.

    Not knowing the difference between the 2 games, and also not having anything on his body to hold extra shells also makes me think the President is still full of it on this particular issue.

  5. hist_ed Says:

    So what’s the puff of smoke shooting up and to the side? Is that some sort of recoil compensator doohickey?

  6. Crawler Says:

    It looks like he’s smoking one of those long exotic Turkish hashish pipes to me.

    Also, it appears he’s using the latest, greatest pair of those fancy ear hole dams to divert and channel the hashish byproduct to another orifice that he’s become quite adept at blowing smoke out of over the last four years…

  7. Skip Says:


  8. hist_ed Says:

    So can anyone identify the shotgun? Just curious whether the same firm also makes evil black rifles that hold an evil number of bullets.

  9. Matt R. Says:

    What is up with the right hand of the president? Uncle was right, it totally looks like 6 fingers, because you can see a digit through the vent rib on the other side of the forearm.

    This is the most disturbing thing I have seen on the internet in a while….seriously. Six fingers?!?!?!?

  10. Steve Ramsey Says:

    I could care less if Obama ever shot skeet. NOBODY was saying “PULL!” at Lexington\Concord on April 19th 1775.

  11. jdrush Says:

    The copy I shopped (oops) has the normal number of fingers.

  12. Tai Says:

    So this is why they detained the guy with the Inigo Montoya shirt.

  13. Ted N Says:

    “Over here, over here! Look over here, don’t worry about an economy going in the tank, and a debt so massive it makes black holes look like a punk bitch!”

  14. comatus Says:

    I’m willing to settle for one photo of him voting against any anti-gun law, anywhere, at any time.

    Let’s all check our files. No photoshopping allowed.

  15. Druid Says:

    And people think propaganda does not work.

  16. Chas Says:

    Obama would be disappointing his true believers if he didn’t at least make an attempt at conning us. His people get a laugh out of how slick Obama is at tricking us dumb gun owners into going along with even more gun control. I mean, we are all fooled, aren’t we?

  17. Roadkill Says:

    I think that it matters less about his shooting stance than it does their blurb about not using the picture. I’m enjoying the flood of photoshops and demotovationals.

  18. Publicola Says:

    Actually they did yell “Pull!” at Lexington in 1775. In British English it’s pronounced “hand over your weapons”.

  19. Jake Says:

    Re: The shotgun. According to Emily Miller’s sources, it’s probably this one.

    My understanding is that it’s a photo from a traditional presidential event, and that he ran away as soon as he could possibly get away with it. He probably took one or two shots, smiled and nodded, and then went to the nearest bathroom to throw up.