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What media bias?

If there were “thousands”, how come the pictures show dozens?

7 Responses to “What media bias?”

  1. LKP Says:

    Instapundit links to a Washington Post story that said about 1,000 marched, not thousands.

  2. LC Scotty Says:

    Suppose it’s true that 1000 showed up IN DC-a city of millions with lots of anti-gunners. We doubled that in BUFFALO EEFFING New York, in January with 40 mph winds blowing right off of lake Erie in our faces. If a backwater liberal stronghold like Buffalo can double their turnout in Mordor on the Potomac, it does not speak well of their chances.

  3. JKB Says:

    Hildy [Johnson]: A journalist? Hell, what does that mean? Peeking through keyholes? Chasing after fire engines? Waking people up in the middle of the night to ask them if Hitler’s gonna start another war? Stealing pictures off old ladies? I know all about reporters, Walter. A lot of daffy buttinskis running around without a nickel in their pockets and for what? So a million hired girls and motormen’s wives’ll know what’s going on. Why-… Golly, what’s the use? Walter, you-you wouldn’t know what it means to want to be respectable and live a half-way normal life. The point is, I-I’m through.

    From the movie, ‘His Girl Friday’ which I happened to catch a bit of the beginning this afternoon.

    Of course, if gun owners had a rally, the headline would be “NRA intimidates Congress”

  4. Jim Scrummy Says:

    I’d say about 1K showed up at best (sorry kids don’t count). Plenty of astroturfing going on there.

  5. Mu Says:

    Our local paper had the same story, “thousands” showed up, but no picture, no real number. I thought must be 2000 to qualify for thousands, guess they didn’t even have that.

  6. Huck Says:

    1000? After seeing what there was in the way of pictures, I doubt that even half that many were bussed in.

  7. craig Says:

    If there were “thousands”, how come the pictures show dozens?

    Same reason all the major news outlets annually manage to omit covering the March for Life as it draws a half-million people to Washington, DC each January.

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