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AR-15 v. AK-47 Debate Settled

Right here:

8 Responses to “AR-15 v. AK-47 Debate Settled”

  1. LKP Says:

    When he showed the AK with accessories taped on I couldn’t stop laughing!

  2. Kevin Baker Says:

    They forgot the Mosin!

  3. Sebastian Says:

    This is going to get picked up by the MSM as truth in 3… 2… 1…

  4. Paul Says:

    Was that a REAL AR he threw? If so it was an expensive throw!

    Yes the tape was a joke.

    But I sure wish someone would get good points of the AK design and merge them with the AR-s good points.

    Yea yea, I know we have ‘piston’ ARs but a REAL AK action but better sights, safety, accessories, etc..

  5. Monte Says:

    As a San Diegan, I especially appreciated the ending.

  6. Smince Says:

    That was real funny right thar.

  7. A Whale's Vagina Says:

    The controlability factor with the AR was awesome. “My God…”

  8. Skip Says: